Time for another fun fact

Guess who is the only team in the NFL this year to win a game on four unique days of the week? (In this case, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday).

Can you guess? Can you?
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Multiple teams besides our Lions could have achieved this, but did not. Only two other teams still have a chance to equal this feat. Funny enough, it would be the Steelers, if they beat the Bengals on Saturday or the Cowboys, if they beat Detroit on the 30th.


The hardest part this year is keeping straight when the ■■■■ we play.

Have we played on Wed at 3am yet? Gotta be soon


If any team got picked for the mid-week MACtion spot in the NFL, it would be the Lions.

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We will be playing in Brazil soon against Miami

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lol just wait till its a Thursday morning in Brazil next year!

I blame it on Axel Foley being back…

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