Time to start the Traditional Detroit Lions Black Friday Coaching Sale

Alright guys, I have tried to be patient and swallow all the “Dan Campbell is a coachng genius” who needs more time. This guy is a fucking idiot and he needs to be fired or promoted to the GM job ASAP so they can find a HC with an IQ over 70.

If the Ford family had any honor they would sell this team to anyone who can afford it tomorriw.

They have no honor. Dump DC and hire Harbaugh

John Harbaugh

It’s time to move the team.


To the arena football league….

As long as they leave Michigan I don’t care where they go.

We’d be better off with an expansion franchise. New colors, moniker, even oust the Detroit name.

Flush the toilet fully.

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We may finally win a championship!

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Sooo promote the “idiot” with less then a 70 IQ to the position responsible for putting a team on the field. He isn’t an idiot and he isn’t going anywhere. If he were to be fired then the Detroit lions deserve to be mocked and ridiculed and it would be the exact reason why they never ever win. MCDC isn’t going anywhere.


Wayne Fontes is still alive. I would like to be able to wish for his firing again, because I enjoy 90’s nostalgia. Nirvana, cyber cafes, a playoff win. That kind of thing.

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I thought Fontes died like 15 years ago…yikes.

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I know there’s fans on this board that probably think comments like these are being made in jest, or not serious.

I don’t know about others, but I actually do feel it’s time for this team to get out of town and grow a new fan base. It would be better for the team and the fans.

I really think there’s a portion of this fan base that’s had enough of this crap organization. My patience for sitting through another rebuild has hit its end. Maybe it’s not fair to the current regime that was just brought in, but I want to see immediate results. I’m sick and tired of saying we need to give them 3 fucking years to turn this around.

This team has already failed to reach its mark. We have regressed from last year, plain and simple. This team is worse right now than they were at this point last year.

If they truly need a fan base that is going to give them 3 or 4 years to turn this around then they really need to find that fan base in another city.

Get this team the hell out of Michigan, let the fans regroup, and maybe they’ll bring in an expansion team at some point in the future.

It would be better for everyone involved.

I disagree. The team is not worse than last year. We can actually run the football now. First time in 30 years. And the defense is better. And the players are actually giving effort. I’m actually proud of the team.

They fight and claw.

Way better than Matt Patricia led BS.

Are you really serious here?

Unfortunately, we are actually worse at the most important part of an NFL football team…

And that is QB.

If we had Stafford right now…we’d have 6 wins…minimum. some might point to the lack of WR help…but if we had Stafford we could easily trade for WR help. I’m not saying Stafford is great…but he is 10x better than Goff.

Detroit is a football town

There will never be a moment in time where we dont have a local team.

If the plan is to move the lions in a certain year and replace them with an immediate expansion team…then fine.

However …why not just look at the current Lions as an expansion team? That’s basically what we are right now anyways.

Because looking at the Lions as an expansion team that still has the Fords as owners is probably even more painful for most people.