Titans sign WR Golden Tate; Lions content with Gong Show rejects WR corps

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So What ? He will not make difference just go burn money in the street thats what the Lions would be doing signing him.

You must have his jersey LOL :grinning:

golden tate touchdown GIF by Detroit Lions

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it’s a catch 22 (no pun)

they get some receivers: nobody to throw it

they get a qb: nobody to throw it to

just pray for a good offseason

We have a good offensive line that provides sufficient time for nobody to not throw it to nobody.


Yeap that’s the way I understand it.

The Gong Show was great. The original, not that messed up thing with what’s-his-name Meyers, was it? That one sucked. Maybe we’ll see Chuck Barris, Gene Gene the Dancing Machine and the unknown Comic.

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that’s some catch 22

Tate busted his ass here, was a good WR here our front office kicked him to the curb like MJ, KG, CJ, and .DA…and since they done that?? WE haven’t had chit at WR.