Titans signed AP

He is old. But they are set up to run the ball. Maybe it will work for them.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports the Titans signed RB Adrian Peterson.

Peterson will be signed to the practice squad and then elevated to the active roster. Derrick Henry is undergoing foot surgery that will likely sideline him through the end of the regular season. The Titans’ only other running back on their roster is Jeremy McNichols, who has gotten some run on third downs this year. He will likely play an expanded role with Henry out but Peterson projects to earn the bulk of the early-down snaps once up to speed. Peterson ran for 604 yards at a sluggish, 3.9 yards per carry for the Lions last year. Prior to that he spent a pair of seasons in Wash and ran well despite playing on a poor offense. The Titans should shift toward passing more often now that their star running back is gone but don’t expect them to lose their identity as a run-heavy team. Once integrated into the offense, Peterson should be able to put up RB2/3 numbers as the recipient of loads of carries on an efficient team.

They just lost Henry. It would be like if we lost…

I got nothing.


Fox (knock on wood)

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Man, that’s a drag. I was just looking at the numbers comparing him to Beastmode in another thread. Such a short window for these guys.


It really is. And the dumb thing is I think we all kinda knew it would happen eventually. For whatever reason RBs, as good as they are, just can’t be beasts for long. Or at least there are very few who can in this day and age.

Henry made me think of what Jim Brown or Dickerson used to look like kind of (I am not old enough to have seen them or remember them) but he is a truly great RB. I hope he can come back, just for being able to see an awesome player for another couple years.

Kenneth Walker made me want him on the Lions. I know it probably won’t happen but I loved seeing that dude play against Michigan. He was lights out and rose to the occasion.

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I mean I think losing Williams had a little something to do with how bad yesterday was. Not the same level and probably wouldn’t have been a huge difference, but, I think they missed his ability. Swift can’t do what he does.

But yeah otherwise I agree with you!

They will have to do better than AP to have any hopes of being a legit contender. They also need Julio to be Julio. If only the Titans could trade for a solid running back from a non-contender.

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I agree. Losing Henry was killer for the Titans. He sets up all the play action game because defenses are terrified of him. Tannehill is going to be forced to beat teams with his arm now. AP might be good to fill in for a game or 2, but I don’t think he’s going to help much. Got Julio in fantasy and he rarely plays, been banged up all year. His career is winding down due to injuries.

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If Henery stayed healthy he was going to win the MVP this year. Dude was having a monster year.


Sucks for Henry. The guy puts it all out there and has a great off field attitude, too.
You hate to see bad things happen to guys who are trying to do things the right way.
Good for Adrian. He’ll always be an “honorary” Lion.



Peterson needs 450 yards to pass Barry Sanders. Hope he doesn’t make it.

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Unfortunately with so many games remaining its probably going to happen.