Titans’ Skoronski Says Falcons Coach Called Him ‘So Boring’ During Pre-Draft Interview


So apparently Arthur Smith is a prick.

I can’t imagine the scenario where you sit across from a kid just doing his best, knowing full well he could reach across the table and rip your head off, and you insult him.

Over and over again.

■■■■ Arthur Smith.


All about putting them in uncomfortable positions and seeing how they respond to that situation. Dog days of NFL season Woodson article, this, meh. Can July come fast enough please.

Compared to so many other questions or comments that have come out this seems like little to nothing.

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Yea, the guy who is an evolutionary waste product is going to psychoanalyze a Northwestern grad.


He looks like someone told an AI to imagine what it would look like if Zippy the Pinhead, Ned Beatty and Mitch McConnell had a love child.

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Yea, that has little to do with it but it did sound good.

Maybe he was just trying to get him to open up and stop giving the canned responses? I do interviews quite often and the canned responses are pretty boring. Although I’ve never told anyone that directly, but now that I think about it… hmmmm. Although I mostly ask the technical questions, which you can either answer or you have no idea what I’m talking about… which either means you’re a good candidate or you’re at least going to amuse me. Win-win for me.

Your point was brought up yesterday in an interview with someone that they were pushing him to open up or seeing how he reacted to the comment.

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If I’m doing an nfl interview with my potential head coach I’m probably giving mostly canned responses too. It’s like talking to the media. You open up too much and say the wrong thing and it could end up costing you big.


AI doesn’t appear to to know who Zippy is. It keeps trying to use the Hellraiser Pinhead instead. This is the best it could come up with (ie: the only one that didn’t have spikes coming out of his face)


I would say you have to read your interviewer and you should be able to pick up on things like you’re boring them. Of course, you don’t want to say that you have trouble maintaining your weight, and you like hookers and blow, or anything like that.

To think we could have gone from Patricia to Smith. Wow.

I wonder if Spielman said the same thing to him when we interviewed him for HC.

On the other hand, is the kid there to entertain you or to prove that he knows his shit? Who on earth expects OL guys to be big personalities?

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Reading your interviewer is difficult as an adult. Let alone a 22 year old kid that probably hasn’t done many, if any, before.

Oline guys usually are big personalities. They just don’t show it much in public. They’re the anti wide receivers.


Huh. I guess I always just saw ragnow as an exception rather than the rule. You don’t see a ton of them going into broadcasting or anything after they’re done playing. There’s been a handful, but it’s more often QBs, WRs and DBs.

Oline guys by far in my experience the best ones to hang out with off of the field. Humble, hard working, & usually have personality for days


Nobody really. I like to think interviewees have some personality but I’ve given the thumbs up to plenty that don’t. My job is to flag the best candidates to make the company money. But ya know we’re all human so hot women get at least a bonus point. I could say something about diversity in technical fields but who are we kidding…


What in the sam H*** are they teaching our Soon to be robot overlords now in school anyways?

I suppose you’re gonna tell me it doesn’t know who Bill the Cat is either.


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Bro, that face screams PARTY ANIMAL!

Mlb Postseason Party GIF by MLB

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If I was Pete, I’d say " ok Art how the F do I get out of this team, put me up for a FA…if I’m so boring to you…I’ll go to another team."