TJ Hock!

I told you guys he was going to be a gamechanger! Finally found your new board! Lions are legit!



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We need him this week because I expect GB to bring a lot of outside pressure.

I hope the Lions are not rushing him back.I would like to see him sit for another week or two.

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I really don’t think Dr.’s are messing around with head injuries at this point. If he’s at any elevated risk (besides simply having one in your past) then I don’t think he would play.

welcome KTM.

I’m gonna get along with this dude juuuuuust fine!

Welcome aboard, man!

Especially after Calvin Johnson put the medical staff on blast, seriously doubt they would mess around with any of that stuff

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Of course you would, because you are a Dallas fan. This isn’t a knee injury. It’s a concussion. He either passes protocol or he doesn’t. He did, therefore, sitting him longer, doesn’t necessarily make him healthier.

Question: Is a player that recently suffered a concussion more susceptible to getting another one without more rest?

Like - if he waits 2 more weeks to play is he less susceptible to getting another one than if he plays this week?

If so, waiting might be the right long-term decision. If not, get him out there.

I’m not sure about time-frames. I do know the more you get knocked out, the easier it is to get knocked out. I think Steve Young had 7 concussions, and if I’m remembering correctly, that was a factor in his retirement.

Some guys are talking about how it is dangerous to jump, and hoping that TJ learns from it and doesn’t do it again. As often as we have players doing that, I almost feel like our guys are coached to do it. Guessing to avoid knee injuries for bigger players. So far, all of our TEs and Bawden have been doing it.

Wondering if they feel like it’s more likely to blow your knee out staying low, than go down head first from jumping?

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I’m very happy that Hock is back. After it happened I thought he might be out for the season with a broken collarbone or shoulder injury.


I think its something that got on Sportscenter a few times, and kind of took on a life of its own after that. There are some occasions where it makes sense, but for the most part the player goes down right after the leap. To me it has become kind of like the one handed catch. People are doing it even when its completely unnecessary.


I didn’t think it looked bad at all. I know he’s a tough dude, and when he didn’t get up, I figured he had the wind knocked out of him. Then I started thinking like you - collar bone? Shoulder? WTF?
With you, man - thankful he’s back!


Yeah - I’m seeing a lot of guys jumping lately. It’s definitely in their best interest to lower their shoulder rather than trying to pull off the jump. Guys are getting hurt trying to jump so…coaches better get on that for sure.

Fk jumping. Lower your shoulder, hang onto the ball, deliver the blow, next play.

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I am a Viking fan going way back to 1973 NFC Title game but always had a soft spot for the Lions as they were damn scrappy back in the 1970s with Charlie West, Charlie Sanders, Dexter Bussey, Greg Landry, Doug English, Marlin Briscoe, Lem Barney, and Ron Jessie. Always gave my Vikings a hard time. Tarkenton said the best defense he played against was the early sixties Lions defense with Joe Schmidt, Dick LeBeau, and Alex Karras. Plus a guy I know played for the Lions in the 1980s LB Dennis Gibson.


Welcome Brother!

I also think the coaches may limit his function within the play scheme when he out there…

Like starting him out mainly to block for run support… so how he handles it etc…

BT, concussions are like a swelling of the brain , extra time to heal, be at rest, relax, is only beneficial in my opinion. that said OUR medical staff cleared him to play…so TJ will play.

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I expect Hock to get 70 yards tonight and a TD.