TJ Hockenson makes Pro Bowl

Thanks to push from Player and Coach voting.

Maybe some of the people trashing him knew less than they though the did.


He’s not Ebron. I have no ill will towards him.
I just hope the vikings get pummeled into submission by Detroit twice/year!
Hoch can do whatever he wants.
…also…I’m super-happy about the trade


I think most people see how we no longer have are hands tied trying to force Hock the ball, we can spread it more, use better blocking TE’s.
I have no ill will towards Hock, he’s a good player and gave us his all. I hope he is a stud on a losing team moving forward.


Not a lot of competition at chocalte boy position.


When Brock scored that touchdown all I could think about is how much I miss Hock. :face_with_peeking_eye:


As long as he continues to give us a couple drops and a sack twice a year I’m happy.


Still wouldn’t be worth the contract he’ll demand.


Good for him.
In that interview he gave, seemed to me like he missed playing here.
He’s was gonna have his agent see if he could pay Holmes to take him back. Unfortunately for him, I think that Brock touchdown ruined that for him.
Oh well, he should get a nice paycheck anyway.

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Pass catchers make the Pro Bowl. TJ is a very good receiving threat. He is a terrible blocker which didn’t fit well here and TE isn’t a good position to commit a ton of cash too unless It’s lie Travis Kelce.


Overall, he’s having the best season of his career in that he’s stats are the same as 2020 (when he was selected to the Pro Bowl), but in 14 games instead of 16.

As for his selection, I can only say

Or maybe even


If it drives up Hockenson’s price for his contract to an already salary cap strapped team, all the better for the Lions. He either turns into a two year rental or forces the Vikings to lose talent elsewhere.


TJ also had issues playing defense. We’ve improved tremendously on defense since he left.

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So you think that NFL players and NFL coaches can’t evaluate a TE’s ability to block when determining his value.

Gee, I think maybe it’s fans and people in forums that may have that issue.


Vikings are going to have ~$80mm tied up in just their QB, WR JJ, and TE Hock. That’s a LOT of money for 3 players that are good but not great. All 3 seem to be wilting roses to me.

Meanwhile the Lions will have ~$45 million in Goff, Jamo, St. Brown, and Brock… Minus 5 years of age at every position.


Now JJ isn’t great ?

Who knows on money , they can draft a great player and save a ton of it.

Agree with general point, but don’t consider Justin Jefferson a wilting rose. I think he’s going to have a Fitzgerald type career where he’s still effective past 30.


Goedert is a better TE after Kittle, but he was hurt. It will be interesting to see if the Vikings pay. Wish TJ the best, he didn’t ask to be traded.


He is great at times, but completely falls out of some games.

He doesn’t have Fitzgerald’s fantastic mentality. St. Brown is more similar mentally to Fitzgerald in my opinion.



worst for the Vikings cause its gonna raise how much he prolly wants for his big next contract

Good for TJ. He works for it.

I think if we were going to move on from Goff, it might be. I think BH/MCDC want Goff as their QB and for whatever reason, TJ and Jared didn’t have chemistry. Young QB’s tend to rely on a TE a lot.

If Goff’s going to be our QB in the future, there is/was no reason to pay TJ the kind of contract he’d demand.