TJ Watt gets held like Hutch, does not understand who he hurt in the NFL

Interesting story. Hutch has been working with the Watts

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That’s why it’s not wise to put a lot of cap space in edge rushers. The NFL will just allow them to be held.

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It seems to be trending that way, unless the player is so physically dominant to fight through it all…like a Myles Garrett or JJ Watt. Or…you have to be schemed around it…

Basically, you have to be so good you make the refs oblige.

Or you pair them with a good DT. It’s hard to hold both and get away with it.

I personally think it’s a better building plan to put your cap space in DT’s and DB’s.

A good DT needs to be double teamed. Pair him with good CBs and your average edge rusher should be able to apply pressure in a single matchup.