To many in the national media:

Still think Campbell is a meathead?


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File this under, “Who Gives A ■■■■”.


Who is she first of all, and when does she submit her apology?


For a long time, she was the sidekick to Colin Cowherd.

She should stick to making sandwiches.

Taylor’s brother is former NFL defensive end Jason Taylor, who played 15 seasons in the National Football League and was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017.

Not a particularly flattering picture in the OP. This one is more representative:

Amazing that a relative and a big rack makes one relevant these days. Crazy what constitutes an expert. Campbell has a decade as an NFL player, under some very good, if not eccentric coaches, and another decade plus as an actual NFL coach and she erroneously questions Dan’s leadership and ability? I’m not sure I’d want a sandwich that she made.


She wasn’t the only one:

Jim Trotter

Been tied up. Just got to my phone. Lots of messages about the Dan Campbell press conference. I click on a link … first thought: I don’t ever want to hear that a Black coach didn’t interview well.

And even before he joined the Lions, media flacks were wrong about him:


That was tweeted on June 3, 2021. Lots and lots of evidence since the kneecaps presser and racing helmets has come in. And now it’s “Don’t you wish your coach was a freak like Dan.”

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Not going to get into the “how do they know they never played the game” thing. But I will say this, many in the national media think that the ideal coach has to be a guy like McDaniel or McVey. Cerebral, egg-head types rather than the player coach. Listen to the opinion of former players about Dan—they love him. It’s the “I never played the game before but I know a lot about it” types that didn’t fall in love with Campbell. The problem was they didn’t bother to listen to him beyond the kneecap quote. If they had, they might have been a little less wrong about him.

Campbell may not have been right for every team, but I think he was right for the Lions. Campbell never comes across as a “I’m smarter than you” type.Patricia certainly did.

I will also say that given his personality, I think Dan would make a great college coach. If 30 year old grown men at the pro level are ready to run through a wall for him, what do you think college kids would do for him?

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Only the ones that want to win. :wink:

She probably fails at that too!

But football IQ-wise, he is.

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Even Russell Wilson has a check down call named after our coach.

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