Today is the deadline for Brock Wright Offer Sheet

There are always work arounds, for sure. But the famed “poison pill” deals are dead and gone. But to your point about being able to work around it, there are some options. The salary or bonuses can be tied to how high the offense finishes or how many rushing yards the team gets. The problem there is both teams have top offenses and run for alot of yards. It would be risky to use team win total as well.


There really isn’t a work around any more. The league rightfully eliminated it when they amended the CBA to allow the old club to match only the principle terms of the contract. Incentives, while allowed, are limited. i.e. it must be deemed likely to be earned and the likely to be earned is based on Brock’s 2023 performance. A team performance would have to be deemed likely to be earned by both the 49ers AND the Lions to be included in the offer sheet i.e. (teams total offensive yards per season of 4350 would be allowed, but 4400 would not)

Offer Sheet and Right of First Refusal Procedures

(Article 9, Section 3(e) | NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) | Over The Cap)

Principal Terms. For the purposes of this Article (and Article 10), the Principal Terms of an Offer Sheet shall include only:


Salary, which shall consist only of (a) the fixed and specified dollar amounts the New Club will pay, guarantee or lend to the Restricted Free Agent and/or his designees (currently and/or as deferred compensation in specified installments on specified dates) in consideration for his services as a football player under the Player Contract (i.e., signing bonus, Paragraph 5 Salary, and reporting and roster bonuses); and (b) Salary that is variable and/or is subject to calculation only upon the following bases: (1) based upon the performance of the Club extending the Offer Sheet (only those incentives which are “likely to be earned” by the player if he enters into a Player Contract with the New Club, pursuant to Subsection (c) above, must be matched by the Prior Club for the purpose of exercising a Right of First Refusal, and such incentives may not exceed 15% of the Salary in the Offer Sheet); and (2) League honors listed in Exhibit C to Article 13; and


Any modifications of and additions to the terms contained in the NFL Player Contract requested by the Restricted Free Agent and acceptable to the New Club, that relate to non-compensation terms (including guarantees, no-cut provisions, and notrade provisions) of the Restricted Free Agent’s employment as a football player (which shall be evidenced either by a copy of the NFL Player Contract, marked to show changes, or by a written brief summary contained in or attached to the Offer Sheet).


Notwithstanding Subsections (i) and (ii) above, no Offer Sheet may contain a Principal Term that would create rights or obligations for the Old Club that differ in any way (including but not limited to the amount of compensation that would be paid, the circumstances in which compensation would be guaranteed, or the circumstances in which other contractual rights would or would not vest) from the rights or obligations that such Principal Term would create for the Club extending the Offer Sheet (i.e., no “poison pills”).


There is always a way!

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How many had

Brock Wright staying in Detroit and Stefan Diggs going to Houston today ?

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My bingo board is BUSTED!


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Between the 2 im glad we got Brock and not the poison pil wr.

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