Toilet Bowl Prediction

@Jman started the Super Bowl prediction thread. How about the Toliet Bowl prediciton. Who will be the 2 worst teams in the nfl next year!?

Pick one team from the AFC and one from the NFC for the Toilet Bowl.

I’ll start…

Colts vs Cardinals


Washington vs Bucs vs Cardinals

3 way death match for worst team

You failed and didn’t follow instructions! 1 team from each conference.

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Cardinals and Raiders

One thing to remember about the Raiders is that Jimmy G can’t stay healthy to save his life. So they will be playing much of the season with their backups.

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Hey now, he made to double digit games played last year. That’s gotta be some kind of record for him


NFC champ game
Tampa vs Arizona

AFC champ game
Houston vs Indianapolis

Hard to say who will be worse.

Honorable mention
Vegas and Rams and Green Bay

If I had to guess.

Arizona and Houston

Then Arizona will have picks 1 & 2


Oh good call, forgot they got Houston’s 1st rounder next year. They easily could have 2 top 5 picks. With Murray coming off the ACL surgery, they really should just tank next year. Murray is likely out until at least mid season since he tore the ACL in December.

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Raiders vs. Commanders

I predict that I’ll pee on the seat

My son does every ■■■■■■■ day. I learned the hard way too many times to not check now. Damn kid hits everything but the toilet. It looked exactly like someone peed in the tub earlier, I asked my son if he did because it wasn’t his Mom or Sister. Of course it wasn’t him. He’s 4, I don’t expect anything less LOL

texans and the giants

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Quit blaming the kid for your drunken shenanigans lol


Haha exactly what I was going to say. My buddy in college pissed in his closet one time when he was loaded. What an idiot.

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Browns and Redskins.

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The Giants going from winning a playoff game to the worst team in the NFC, now this guy has a hot take.

This is funny because it seems like we have come full circle. Last year the Giants were supposed to suck and someone here (I honestly can’t remember who to give credit to) made the bold prediction that the Giants would make the playoffs and he got slammed for it.

Now a year later its bold to make the most common prediction for last season. :laughing:


I am going to hold here and wait until …. About week three and start my annual “who is most likely to go winless” thread!!! :crazy_face::upside_down_face::+1::heart::pray:

Colts Rams

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Don’t really give a flying ■■■■! God that feels good, since we aren’t part of the equation.

Haha, I would say that would be a possibility but I am not much of a drinker. That was really funny though.