Tom Brady and Calvin Johnson fact


Keep going Tom, you beautiful bastard.

As long as there are pro athletes about my age, I’m not old.

Vince Carter retiring a couple of years ago bummed me out for this very reason.


Freakin’ Tom Brady!!!

Go Blue!!!

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Gordie Howe was still playing at least semi-pro hockey well after his hair had gone from salt and pepper to just salt. I’ll bet those elbows hurt just as much at 60 as they did at 30.


George Blanda is the oldest player to play in NFL history. He participated in a total of 26 seasons of his career as a defender. In 1975, he retired at the age of 48.May 26, 2022

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One of my guys was saying that some of the guys in this years draft were born after Tom was already playing in the NFL.


This fact hit me when I was in the military:

The new airmen coming in from basic training and technical school training were born after! I joined?! :joy:


And now I’m in the history books :flushed:

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LOL - I think Randy Couture had his last fight at age 48. His kids and grandkids were sitting in the stands watching. FANTASTIC!
I wanted him to win a fight after age 50 so badly. LOL.

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