Tom Brady Roast

It was on live last night and I caught it in the middle of Drew Bledsoe and watched the whole thing. I thought it was pretty good even though it’s obvious that Netflix writers are doing most of the writing for everyone speaking.

Who saw it?

I was not ready to watch the gobble fest.

Do not get me wrong. I have mad respect for his abilities on the field and his pure grit and determination.

But he feels a bit douche to me in general. It is really hard to discern what is real and what is the image with many of these guys. Especially the big names. And no one is bigger than Tom Brady.

He could come out tomorrow and say he wanted to play and 5 teams would be bidding for his services. The guy is an absolute living legend in my book.

Remember he had his baby mama pregnant at his wedding to another woman. And somehow it was discussed about how classy he was and how unique??? So I always have that in the back of my mind when they start talking about how great a human he is.

With all that said, it does seem like he stays involved in his kids lives. And that is something I do respect.

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Was it flat?

Netflix? Do people still have that service?

Why report bad news?

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Allegedly they are up ~5% since the password crack down.

We just make a new account for a 30 day trial once a year and binge what we want that week. Then cancel.


Unfortunately wife and i do. But we now pay for commercials. Everything has gone up with them.

And currently Amazon is making subscribers pay a premium for 4K which we used to have and is now gone.

This as well. People cut cable cause it cost too much . Now these companies are starting to get there really fast.

I actually thought about going BACK to cable, but have you seen the cost of that now? It’s gone up more than the streaming services.

They’re going to make pirates out of us all.

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I remember when Prime came out that a majority of the movies weren’t available with Dolby Digital. It would say they were, but they actually streamed in 2-channel.

I subscribe to prime for the shipping more than anything. Football was a bonus when it came out on Prime. I don’t really care about the 4k thing, just because of bandwidth, but them adding commercials has seriously de-valued their product to me.

Good thing we drafted Mahogany

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X has some clips circulating and it’s way too crude, demeaning, and just plain offensive. As a lifelong Lions fan, if I really wanted to subject myself to that level of negativity, I would simply watch random Lions games from 1999-2022 and not have to pay any subscription fees. And also be subjected to a few less Big Pharma commercials along the way…

Remember when you paid for a premium service because it Didn’t have commercials?

Good time, good times…


Disney Channel be like-

"We’ll be right back with the rest of Family Movie Night’s main feature, Peter Pan, but now, here’s 120 unpausable max volume seconds of "


toy story cup GIF

It was fantastic

Ehh, he seems like a good genuine guy to me especially post-Belichick now that he’s felt more free to be open and honest.

Have not . we had WOW and it was pricey. Then we have hulu live and canceled that, but probably need it back when football season starts.

I don’t like to pirate, but they are forcing my hand. No way I could pay hundreds of dollars per month for television and be able to sleep at night.

Also seems like there is nothing on prime, hulu, Netflix and others. Just got done watching baby reindeer on Netflix, very uncomfortable show ti watch, but had commercials

I’m the same. I’d gladly spend on something that was worth it, but there definitely comes a point of “you fukers have enough of my money.” I had Fubo for years and just canceled it once the football season ended. It’s just too damned expensive now.