Tom Brady's support of Players Coalition sends messages to white athletes on social matters

I have a legitimate question. Does he do this as a member of the New England Patriots? A part of me say no Not that it matters but just curious of your thoughts. This isn’t a racial topic

To your question, 10 years ago? Maybe not, but in the last few years since his pissing match with BB? I bet he does, both Brady and Belichick strike me as bitter SOBs that will illustrate insubordination if provoked.

The Social Justice coalition is a farce or rather agenda based . The term Social Justice which is wrongly defined or defined loosely to fit a narrative …regardless of if the narrative has any merit.
It’s a term used to broadly to truly have a definition.

Tom Brady joining into it changes none of that and no I do not think he would have joined in NE

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I think it’s great that they’re going to investigate it. The problem is the players might not like all the answers

No way that kid should be dead and I hope the guys that stopped him pay a big price, but the players might not like all the answers the investigation finds

The narrative people like LeBron James are putting out there is complete BS


Kaep protest was about stuff like this.


If you think a kid is causing trouble in your neighborhood, you call the police (cold comfort to minorities in some instances but it’s the proper thing to do). You don’t grab yer gun and jump in your truck because you’re an ex-cop who thinks he’s above the law. No way these clowns shoot a white kid like this. It’s pure racist BS and I’m glad Brady signed on.


If they pursue this as a hate crime, they’ll botch the whole thing. “No way they shoot a white kid” is an unsubstantiated claim. You really have no idea how extreme his power trip is or how far it would take him. Is he empowered by the other guys race or is he by having been a cop and he’s still strutting as though he’s in uniform? Dude planned a citizens arrest in a public street while no crime was being committed. That’s cuckoo beyond racist.


Unfortunately the author of the article tried to spin it that way and it takes away from the message.

It’s all gonna come down to whether he was lawfully able to perform a citizens arrest. My limited understanding is that it needs to be a felony and you need to catch the person in the act, which, if correct, in this case would seem that it would not a legal citizens arrest.

And even if it was legal was the use of lethal force justified? I don’t believe it was. They can try to claim self-defense but you hear one shot before the guy starts wrestling with him for the gun. That tells me the dude shot and then the victim started fighting for his life.

I think they got plenty to put these guys away and adding a hate crime would jeopardize the prosecution and is just being considered to satisfy people that want to claim racism about everything

These guys are probably going to go down hard and rightfully so without trying to turn it into a race thing even if they might’ve been racist. I doubt they would’ve shot the kid just for running down the street so the real issue involves the botched citizens arrest not his race


right Jaded,

In Georgia, the law states that a private person may arrest someone if a crime is committed in his presence or “within his immediate knowledge.”

But if it is a felony, the citizen can stop someone from escaping if the citizen has “reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion.”

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Not really a fan of Nancy Grace, not because she lacks knowledge or integrity but mainly because her overly dramatic style when she is on TV makes it so I can’t watch her for very long. It just turns me off as a viewer.

That said…she was a former GEORGIA prosecutor and you can bet she knows what she is talking about. She says what was written above…not a legal citizens arrest and not a justifiable use of lethal force even if it was.

It will be a travesty if these two guys are able to escape a significant prison sentence.

That said…I see the term “murdered” thrown all over the place. Don’t be surprised when they are not charged with MURDER. I am pretty sure they will be charged with Voluntary Manslaughter. To get a murder conviction you need to prove premeditated intent…like “hey, lets go kill that guy running down the street” before they go after him.

The intent was to stop him, talk to him, arrest him whatever…then it got out of hand. If they charge him with Murder they will most likely lose. They will almost certainly charge him with Voluntary Manslaughter which means you killed someone intentionally but without premeditation (planning to kill them). Just like if you walk into your house and see your wife bonking the neighbor and you shoot them both in a fit of rage. That is not murder. Because you did not plan to kill them. That is Voluntary Manslaughter.

Anyway, they are going down hard if you believe Nancy Grace…which I do.

What is he saying?
This really felt like racism to me.


He said that “black people are being hunted whenever they leave their house” :roll_eyes:

The data doesn’t support that in the slightest. In fact it’s just the opposite If you want to follow that logic

Black people kill white people two times more often in the US every year than white people kill black people

Black people kill 10 times more black people than white people do. Chicago has 3x more blacks kill blacks then all of the white on black murders in the U.S.

There is definitely a war on black males… But it’s being carried out by other black males. But nobody wants to talk about that because it would require looking in the mirror

Racism definitely exist. And exist in the direction of blacks against whites also but the narrative of blacks being hunted by whites when they leave their house is laughable

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For every cause there’s an effect. I think we need to view the overall circumstances.


Racism is just fear, but it is very, very dangerous fear.

Lebron’s statement is GD ridiculous. He’s feeding the problem. Little kids are hearing that shit and thinking it’s impacting them.

I have sooooo much to say about loving people here. Nowhere near the time or energy to do it justice right now.

Love you all.

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To me, the problem is best addressed with children. That’s where we make take the biggest chunk out of this issue.

To me, so many have a victim’s approach to this problem. Until everyone owns their shit 100%, it never goes away, because people are just perpetuating more fear.


To me, tolerance presupposes that someone is doing something that may/may not be intolerable. Being of a certain descent is being who you are. It’s like being pissed off at a tree. Tolerating another race is a GD ridiculous statement to me. We need to separate the person from the behavior and recognize that ppl are flat out miracles of God/Universe.

Love asks questions.
Ego tells stories.

GTFO of your ego and start understanding each other. That’s where love perpetuates, instead of fear.

This is exactly the case. They’ll be charged with manslaughter, it wasn’t a hate crime and to pursue that avenue would be foolish. Voluntary manslaughter is like, up to 20 years in prison, though I doubt they’ll get that long. I’m just happy there’s video evidence so it can be prosecuted properly. The race thing that’s being fueled by media and celebrities is ridiculous.


My gut tells me these dudes didn’t get prosecuted because the court saw the video…they got prosecuted because the public saw the video.


They should be able to go for murder while keeping manslaughter on the table.

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Agreed, but that’s due to the thin blue line, not racism. And that should be perceived as every bit as bad.

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