Tom Gores has a message for Detroit Pistons fans chanting 'sell the team'

“Other than winning, we do everything to bring the best to Detroit.”


What a CLOWN!!!

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I am not a basketball fan, and haven’t followed the Pistons since the Bad Boys II run. This year’s epic losing streak finally got my attention last week.

This article in my eyes, truly shows how detached an owner can be from their team.

“They can say what they want, but that’s ridiculous,” Gores said during a conference call. "It’s ridiculous. Other than winning, and we should win more games, we do everything to bring the best to Detroit. Sell the team? They don’t understand what we’re doing in the community.
You don’t understand what your complete disregard for building a team has done TO the Pistons community.

“I know we have to have more wins, but we’re taking care and are being in tune with the community.”
Are you? You aren’t listening to your community at all! The community is so angry with you, they are begging you to leave, and taking it public!

“Me selling the team would be selling the community out. I’m not doing that to the community. When you put aside basketball, we’ve made a very big difference in the community, and that means a lot to me. I understand that’s only going to mean a lot to people if we win, but the underworking’s of what’s happening and our community over all these years is there. We’re doing [multi-billion dollar things]”
For yourself! This is delusion, and what the word privelage REALLY stands for. This guy is convinced people are too stupid to see through his statements. He has deluded himself that people will look past a sports team’s record, which is the very definition of success in sports, and instead look at work he is involved in. It’s not about the team, it’s not about the fans, it’s not about the franchise, it’s about himself.

If this is how this guy talks around the team, it’s no wonder the franchise is dead. Everyone can see right through this arrogance and complete disingenuity. The only thing ridiculous about the Pistons franchise, is the owner. Every one of his selling points of the work HE is doing, are all things that will only profit himself in the long run.

I feel terrible for any Pistons fans out there. If you weren’t already convinced before that Gores isn’t just an inept owner whose made bad choices, you now know the only thing he is doing is using the franchise to be his own personal cash cow. If I had money invested in the team, I’d get out immediately, stop going to games, stop watching, and stay away until Gores is out. His official statement to all of the fans here was “I don’t give a damn what you think, I am king! I will do whatever I want, whenever I want, and you should all be thanking me for being your king. It’s your fault you are too stupid to see everything I am doing for you!”

Fans should show up with paper bags over their heads.ala the Millen 0-16 team.

What a complete out of touch asshole. The NBA deserves him.

They already started.

Considering this was Gores response, he just seriously fanned the flames in my eyes. This is similar to when the Lions fan was carrying the Fire Millen sign, and security came and took it away. All that did was get everyone’s attention to it, and everyone rightfully jumped in to spread the message around. Fire Millen became heard at every public sporting event in Detroit. Fire Canada became a similar mantra for Pittsburgh this year. Sell the Team is about to take sports by storm.

Either sell or fire weaver

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