Tomorrow is D day Vs The Saints

Time to try to put losses behind us and stop with the damn TO’s, no matter if they are in the form of INT’s or Fumbles—it’s time to start winning again. I don’t want to see poor play on our part-or looking like we didn’t prepare–playing scared or like they don’t care—no more bullshit “trick” plays…JUST WIN !!


No more gutter pussy ball wolf.

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No turnovers and we win. Wouldn’t hurt if we forced a few either.

It’s one of those games that lets you know if this is the same ol Lions

I’ve been waiting all year to see what happens at this point

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Expecting to see 150+ yards rushing between Monty and Gibbs.


Yea there’s no reason to not run the ball on the Saints. It’s thier biggest struggle on defense.

And boy oh boy does that open up the PA, which Goff is deadly at.

■■■■ YEAH !

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