Tony Buzbee has new legal clients; NBA doesnt play games

Buzbee, the lawyer who has gotten the MLB roster size group of women paid out from leading pervert DeShaun Watson has now been retained by at least one San Antonio Spurs female ex-employee…


Well, let’s see-

Thursday- Rumors Josh Primo, the NBA #12 overall pick in 2021 was having “mental health struggles”

Friday morning- Primo tweets out he is " working on himself and his mental health"

Friday afternoon- Spurs cut Primo with 3 cheap years of control remaining

Saturday morning- Buzbee announces he has been retained by a Spur female ex-employer

Saturday afternoon- rumors of multiple Spurs female staffers leaking that Primo would routinely wave his dick at them…

No suspension, no drama, no press conference, no soft pedaling the severity and slow rolling the info over time.

NBA says GTFO.

You watchin this Roger? Take notes, clown.


Its amazing how rightous people can be when the player averages 5.9 points per game. :rofl:

Now put Ja Morant on the Spurs in the same situation and watch them announce “we believe in Ja, we support Ja.”


I dont think so…

Contacting over 70 “Instagram Massueses” and having a swing at getting them to to play the skin flute, at a neutral site is a bit different than walking down the halls of your employers offices dropping trou when you get a woman alone…

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Also, this is not a behavior he just picked up in Texas…no way.

Part of the issue of drafting 18 year olds whose entitled shitty exploits can be juvenile record sealed or soft sealed theough family pressure or payoffs.

Youngest player in College Basketball his 1 year there, youngest player in NBA and G league where he played mostly in 21-22

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At 25 points per game he would be given the opportunity to “get the help he needs, and the team supports him.” At the very least he would be traded for a good haul. At 5.9 points per game he gets made an example out of.

Conceivably young enough to make restitution , get help and have a long well paying career or future.

He could.

If he had an impressive weiner this wouldn’t be an issue. Dudes need to be more realistic about what they are working with before they decide to flash it or send dick pics.

Lexington Steele doesn’t have this issue. Just saying.


Waved his dick at them. Maybe thats just the male version of twerking.