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One of my all time favorites… from a fan since the 70’s.


This is the best presentation of it. There are better exemplifications with more examples of biased officiating, but not as entertaining to watch.
NFL Still has the scent of cheating ass refs


Oh man… that video is awesome.

What he feels about Matt Millen, I say that about the NFL.


F@#% Matt Millen!!!


Points deducted for not mentioning this: Refs take 6 minutes to figure out how to take a safety away from the Lions defense in a 13-13 tie in the 4th quarter at Lambeau.

I’ll say it again: No NFL franchise has more bad karma coming its way than Green Bay. May it be soon.


I loved how the analysts kept saying “I’m guessing the refs are explaining to Mike Sherman that he’s going to lose this one of 3 different ways.”


And they didn’t have the guts to call it out as bullshit after the fact.

I’ll always give credit to Booger McFarland on MNF for saying what needed to be said about that Packers Special.


Managing my emotions.

Could see potential to get pissed here.

Justice is one of my Herat virtues. LoL.

Fuck Millen
But fuck packers more

I like when old Gunther Cunningham drop kicks his playbook after Forsett is down by contact, gets up runs the ball for a TD and the ref “oh the play is unreviewable…ruling on the field stands TD.”

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I count three different plays the Lions were screwed on where the rules would now prevent it:

  • The Process has changed, and Calvin’s catch almost assuredly would have been a catch under the new rules.

  • If a coach inadvertently throws a challenge flag now on a play like Forsett’s “TD run,” they just tell him he doesn’t have to. It’s bizarre that they didn’t in this case, and that it was so punitive.

  • Presumably there would be an under two minutes booth review of both the Rodgers non-facemask and the Seahawks bat out of the end zone. Then again, those were the Packers and Seahawks, so, maybe not.

Omg thank you!! I’ve never seen that!!

If you really want to get mad, know this. Shortly before Schwartz a coach in a Falcons game threw a red flag and got penalized for it just like Schwartz did. A little after Schwartz and that other coach got penalized, Mike McCarthy did the same thing. But Green Bay was allowed to just pick up the red flag.

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Ok, so what obscure loophole hasn’t been patched yet? That’s how we get screwed this year.

They need to fix sacking the quarterback to not being “roughing the passer”.

I remember this. No way to get justice against Goddell’s money-machine!
It does piss me off, when I let it.

They invent them as they go…that’s why we can’t get around them. Laws literally get enforced differently against Detroit. A fumble isn’t a fumble, a catch isn’t a catch, a horse collar isn’t a horse collar, a red flag isn’t a red flag…etc, etc, etc.

Outright agenda-driven (money) cheaters.


I didn’t know this one. What The F@#$%! That was unbelievable. It was a safety 3 different ways.

That was fabulous. Thank you for that.

Single most flagrant biased officiating in the history of the league.

If we had a list of the 50 most flagrantly biased calls in NFL history, how many of them would be against Detroit?

Certainly a disproportionally too many against the Lions over the last 30 or so years. Video is fact…

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