Too many cooks

There are rumors swirling about how Shanahan and Lynch may disagree about who to take at 3, but ultimately Shanahan has the authority and will make the pick of whoever he wants. It got me thinking about this setup the Lions have where Dan and Brad are both in control and both make these decisions. How long will it be until one of these scenarios happen?

  1. We find out who is actually in charge of the players on the roster somehow, and someone was in charge all along but they just never said it.
  2. There is division between Brad and Dan that starts leaking into the media.

Or do you think they can live in this no ego style of leadership peacefully forever? I would like to think it will work, but I am nervous that it will come to a head at some point. Ultimately, I think Dan will have the final say, just as McVay does in LA, and Payton did in NO.

No setup is perfect and no 2 people will agree 100% of the time. What I hope for us is that between Dan and Brad they each sense the moment and the “correct” person decides to let the other one “win” at the right moment.

In San Fran my understanding is Kyle is King and Lynch basically works for him without it being officially designated. That being said, I don’t think they are disagreeing right now. I think they havena synergy between them and you can kind of tell by their language . Whatever happens next, both were on board with it.


And that is pretty much how Dan said it. paraphrasing, “Sometimes being an Alpha means knowing when to step back for the betterment of the team.”

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  1. These guys are both believable characters (communicate in trustworthy energy)
  2. What they say, you can tell they mean it.
  3. They’re saying the right things.
  4. They care. A lot. Sure, everyone wants to win, cuz it helps their paycheck. These dudes want to win from a deeper place than just win for ego and/or money. These dudes identify as winners, and have a different definition of what winning is. “Everyone wins” vs “Watch the smart guy(s) win.”

I think the 49ers know who they want. The rest is just playing games.

It almost sounds like the Harrington draft…where Millen was the “only one” who wanted Joey and everyone else didn’t and when Millen made the pick he seemed unhappy at his own pick

I don’t think the 49ers traded a dozen first round picks without the organization being on the same page about who they want. Just me

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I think a matrix organization where there’s team-based management works well. Remember, it’s not just Dan and Brad, there’s a number of other front-office people with a voice in the discussion.

It will never be a one-one tie with Dan vs. Brad. That’s when Spielman, Dorsey, Agnew, Newmark, and maybe Lynn / Capers chime in. Wood and Sheila will probably ultimately decide franchise-altering decisions if there’s dissention about the proper course.

These organizational structures are sustainable, because no one has any delusion that they’re going to get their way all the time. You don’t sign up for this type of situation if you want to be a dictator.


What you are describing is exactly what “too many cooks” looks like to people who use the term.

Rod was asked if the culture they seek to create was in direct contrast to what they just fired. He obviously tried to be delicate in his reply, stating the last regime “informed” them on where they should try to take this.

I know Patricia has drawn a lot of ire from the fan base and deservedly so, but I’ve had buyer’s remorse with Quinn since the day they introduced him. I’d say it’s no coincidence that O’brien is also gone, in that he has shades of the same deluded conceit that permeates all the minions who’ve left New England.

I obviously gave them all a chance and tried to be open minded about things, but I said from the beginning that “the Patriot Way” was literally the opposite of what we should be trying to grow in Detroit. We have a bad reputation and having to live and work in Michigan sucks worse than alot of people from Michigan actually realize. To double down on all of the disadvantages of being the Detroit Lions by making it a miserable, disloyal organization made as much sense as U of M hiring Rich Rod.

What I don’t think we will see with this administration is a repeat of 2006, where Millen, apparently uncertain who to take in Round 3 (because they thought taking OG Max Jean Gilles was too high at 74–he went No. 99 to the Eagles), responded to Mike Martz yelling out “Brian Calhoun” with Calhoun’s selection.

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I don’t care about the number of cooks… just cook our asses a super bowl win baby!!

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Everything will be perfectly fine as long as they are winning.

But if they struggle early and the media pressure starts then it will become increasingly harder to check your ego at the door.

Dorsey however may have a much harder time checking his ego. He may only last one season.

If Kyle doesn’t get to pick the QB he wants then there’s serious dysfunction in SF. I’m not sure I by the hype they aren’t on the same page.