Too Soon Draft Talk?

We’re currently sitting at #8 OA… Who ya got? I’d love either Ed Oliver or Quinnen Williams, one of my dark horse prospects is Deionte Thompson FS Alabama. He plays single high coverage exceptionally well, has good size @ 6’2 200, good ball skills. If he runs in the 4.4s I think he’s in the discussion.

November is the month Lions fans start talking draft since 1957.
Greedy Williams.
Montez Sweat,
Jonah Williams

I think we end up picking around 11 and Greedy will be gone. Maybe Thompson and Oliver too…hope not, would take any of them.

Considering we could be anywhere from 3 to 20 in the draft, I’ll wait a few weeks myself and let the bowl season play out.

Never to soon! I want Rondale Moore. What’s that? He can’t play in the NFL for 2 more seasons? Don’t care. Draft him now, wait 2 years.

Still a huge Dexter Lawrence fan. Have been hoping to “sneak” Justice Hill in the 2nd/3rd round, but it seems everyone else has been seeing what a beast he is as well.
Way way way to early mock goes like this:

  1. Dexter Lawrence DT/Clemson
  2. Montez Sweat LB/Miss St

Right now we are drafting eigth. 008 overall.
We freaking lived at Mississippi State for one of their games and could have been scouting Montez Sweat and/or Jeffrey Simmons.

We’re Lions fans…it’s never too early to talk about 2 things…next season, and the draft!:laughing:

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Clelin Ferrell, or Dwayne Haskin.
I lean toward Ferrell because the need is greater. Unfortunately, this is not a deep QB class, so, if we are going to get our QB of the future, we may have to use a first round pick.
Then again, I have zero confidence in anyone on this staffs ability to train an NFL QB, so, taking a QB would be a waste.

Q Williams is going top 5 (probably top 3.)

The biggest question draft is do teams elevate this mediocre QB class b/c of this QB rookie contract model for success.

My realistic wish list at 8 would be

1:) Josh Allen
1A:) Devin White

Ed Oliver would intrigue me as well but I can’t get over the fact that he seemed maxed out as a freshman. Josh Allen is way better as a Senior than he was last year and he likely would’ve gone in the top 40 had he declared.

I like Greedy but I really want to go cb in round 1. Would prefer to grab a pricey CB in FA and add a developmental CB in round 2-4.

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Unless it’s a Premiere edge rusher, I dont see the point in taking anything but offense in round 1 anymore. The value just isn’t there with any other position on defense.

The league and the game have both changed.

Josh Allen will be gone, unless Oakland wins out, or we trade up.
Trading up for a first pick puts the cost way out of reach. Realistically, we should be able to get Ferrell. There isn’t much drop off. Both are raw. Both are known to take plays off, too!

You don’t think Allen has a shot to make it to 8?

Ferrell would be another guy. I think he goes before Allen though. Either at 8 would be fine by me.

We suck on defense. I think we can be good ok offense starting next year with some tweaks. Defense is a ways off. I don’t see anyone on offense I’d take top ten unless Murray were to end up playing football and slide a few on account of his height. Otherwise give me a defensive stud like White, Allen, Ferrell, Etc.

Actually, we are a DE and a CB away from a very good defense!

I’d say where a DE, LBer, S and CB away from being a good D… So 1/3 of the starters :roll_eyes:

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We need more then one DE and one CB to be a very good defense. We need speed all over the place. We need at least two starting level CBs (one to play inside.). We need at least one probably two edge rushers. We need one more space water run defender to spell Snacks. We may be okay at safety if Walker is legit but IMO we need a new Mike with Davis kicking outside and taking Jones’ spot. And we need most all of the new guys to be hyper athletic so we can compete with the Nagy style of offense. I believe you are going to see many offenses shift in that direction and our lack of athleticism makes us a horrible matchup.

I think we’ll be better able to judge our defense Monday.
Until then, I think at this moment we need a CB opposite Slay.
We will need a DE to replace (or augment) Ziggy.
It would be nice to have the best player in the league at every position, but, that’s just not realistic.

The draft is our super bowl. For crying out loud in 57 we were champs, they started it in the sixties, there are a few of us who knew what champions were. Been in Purgatory ever since.