Top 12 free agent pass rushers

Danielle Hunter , Jadevon Clowney, Brian Burns

Autry, Greenard.

A lot of names on this list.

I wonder if trading 2 1sts for Josh Allen is in consideration…

I think we all have to mind shift a little bit and understand that when you say two firsts, what you mean is 29 this year and 32 next year. In that context without us always thinking that we have to conserve low pick beans it’s something that is considerable given that there isn’t any question about the talent or ability or ramp up time. Still it’s a high price to play when you add in the contract he’s going to get, so it’s kind of like the Sneed situation


I doubt the Jags let him go…Burns also, Carolina seems intent on keeping him around. Greenard is really interesting if he can stay healthy.

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Yeah 2 firsts now is light years difference from the same thing a few seasons ago. Brad does seem to prefer to build through the draft but we already have a very young, good team so I think the chances are higher that he makes a big move or two if the cap room is there.


This could be our “AJ Brown” type splash that takes us to the promise land.

And hopefully for many years as the kid is only 26


I went down this road some time ago and was admonished that this wasn’t the “way” for the current staff. Well, plenty of us think we were a Chris Jones from the SB last season. I brought up Mack on a 1 year deal, which I would still do. It’s hard to get as close as we got, it’s even harder to get closer, so do what it takes to make that happen.


I’m still trying to find a way to get Josh Allen, Pat Surtain, and JJ McCarthy some how.


Well, JJ would be redundant but adding an “impact player” thru FA would be a huge step forward. I also believe that Hooker is under rated by fans here, can’t wait to see him in pre-season.

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My worry for Hooker has nothing to do with talent. It’s the fact that if we do indeed extend Goff then by the time Hook gets a chance he’ll be nearly 30yrs old already. He’s only what, 3yrs younger than Goff with 7yrs less experience?


If we were ever to lose Ben Johnson in the next year or two…maybe we could do him a solid and trade Hooker to whichever team he goes to for a 1st round pick.

Otherwise, I like Hooker here. Been saying it since mock draft 1.0 last year he would be a great backup here but I don’t think he’s the future.

JJ would be the future.


I like Burns a lot but you have to think if Holmes was willing to come off two 1st rd picks. He would have done it last year at the deadline.

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Sure, if Goff stays healthy and that’s why you have a guy that is likely the best backup we have had since Hill. Getting to sit last season was big, the urgency of getting thrown in early with bad teams has always been problematic. He’s less than a year older than Love, he’s in a very good place right now as are the Lions.


I’m not saying we don’t need a backup. I just don’t understand why some people would rather have Hook as the backup instead of as the op stated getting a guy like JJ. Tbh the whole thing is moot because JJ won’t be there at 29 nor would I want a QB with that pick. I’m just simply stating that if given the chance I’d much rather have a much younger and more talented JJ than a guy with just one more yr of experience that’s already what 26.

Just trade #29 and a 2025 2nd to the Raiders in a 3 team deal that lets them move up for their QB and we take that nice shiny new toy Maxx Crosby

They then trade 13/29/next years 1st(knowing they have 2 2nds) to move up for one of the 4 QBs(Williams/Maye/Daniels/McCarthy)



It’s a very large assumption that JJ is more talented than Hooker.

Records set by Hendon Hooker

Here are some of the notable records and statistical rankings set by Hooker in college:

  • 1st in Tennessee career completion percentage (68.8)
  • 1st in Tennessee career passer efficiency rating (178.34)
  • 1st in Tennessee single-season completion percentage (69.6, 2022)
  • 1st in Tennessee single-season passer efficiency rating (181.4, 2021)
  • 3rd in Tennessee single-season touchdown passes (31, 2021)
  • 3rd in Tennessee single-season rushing yards by a QB (620, 2021)
  • 3rd in Tennessee career rushing yards by a QB (1,046)
  • 4th in Tennessee career 300-Yard passing games (6)
  • 4th in Tennessee single-season total offense (3,565, 2022)
  • 5th in Tennessee single-season passing yards (3,135, 2022)
  • 5th in Tennessee career touchdown passes (58)
  • 6th in Tennessee career total offense (7,126)
  • 8th in Tennessee career Passing Yards (6,080)
  • 8th in Tennessee single-season completions (229, 2022)
  • 9th in Tennessee career Completions (435)

What awards did Hendon Hooker win in college?

Here are the awards and honors Hooker won in college:

  • 2022 SEC Offensive Player of the Year (Associated Press, Coaches, USA TODAY)
  • 2022 All-America Second Team (
  • 2022 All-America Third Team (Associated Press)
  • 2022 All-SEC First Team (Associated Press, Coaches, USA TODAY)
  • 2022 Maxwell Award Finalist
  • 2022 Walter Camp Player of the Year Finalist
  • 2022 Manning Award Finalist
  • 2022 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award Finalist
  • 2022 Davey O’Brien Award Semifinalist
  • 2022 Jason Witten Man of the Year Semifinalist
  • 2021 Davey O’Brien Award Semifinalist
  • 2021 All-SEC Fourth Team (Phil Steele)
  • 2021-22 First-Year SEC Academic Honor Roll

Most anticipated the Lions being a year away at the start of last year and while we’d all love “to make that happen,” there are no guarantees a single player can. So rather than push all your chips in for a run at it, why not stay the course and set yourself up for perennial runs. Don’t spend huge for a one year run, keep the pieces you drafted in place, continue to build through the draft and maintain some continuity. We added 4 core foundational pieces last year and can do the same again this year. I’m riding with Holmes and his talent evaluation.

The Ram’s were a Matthew Stafford away from the SB and won because they went out and got him. What foundational pieces are gone because of it? There’s your answer, you act like IF you go get a “game changer”, THEN you have changed the future course for your team. Well, you didn’t. We have the money to do both.

I’m a fan of #11 on that list. His numbers are as good/better than most of the guys ahead of him on the list but no one really knows who he is.

I posted a highlight video of him in the FA thread. He’ll be much cheaper than the top guys on the list and is a perfect fit for Detroit (as far as play on the field as I have no real idea how he is off the field).

Player Pass-rush grade True pass set pass-rush grade Pass-rush win rate Run-defense grade APY as % of Cap at signing
Andrew Van Ginkel 86.0 85.8 15.5% 80.7 ?

He should be the #2 guy on that list as far as numbers go.

Paschal + Van Ginkel = 1 elite end for 15% the price

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