Top 18 Mockk

Car- Bryce Young
Hou - Will Anderson
Ten- CJ Stroud
Indy- AR15
Sea - Jailen Carter

LV- Christian Gonzalez
Atl- Devon Witherspoon
Chi- Paris Johnson
Phi- Skoronski
Zona- Broderick Jones
Hou- Will Levis

NE- Darnell Wright
NYJ - Brian Branch
Was- OCyrus Torrence
Pit- Forbes
DET- Bijan RB

Vikings take Hooker
NYG take Q Johnston
Eagles take Gibbs

Edit : switched Anderson to 2 and Wilson to 3 back to my original Top 5

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JSN going to GB is my nightmare. Facing him and Jefferson in the same division is concerning.

I agree….

So we fear facing JSN…. There are articles of the NFC East teams afraid of facing Bijan in Philly… I’ve read articles of how Carter or Anderson could make our DL scarier, same for Eagles etc.

  • I only mention this as I can’t seem to find any articles that state adding Witherspoon, T Wilson, Nolan Smith would make us “scary” in any way….

I feel the same about JSN, and right now the only WR on our team signed through 2024 had 9 targets last year, got himself suspended this year, and showed his remorse by going to Vegas….

  • imagine a world where they give Goff a 3 year 150M extension- if you factor in 31M this year and 31M next year…. You get 42.4 AAV… over 5

Drop to #10 draft JSN and add #30 lose #55…

Porter Jr
J Gibbs
S Avila
Z Pickens
A Voorhees

Imagine adding 5 years of Goff, JSN, and Gibbs for sub 60M AAV…. Avila and Voorhees step in this year and next and avoid 13-14M OG contracts….

Our offense would be scary, especially if Jamo could even be 3-4,years of Djax

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That draft makes me wanna
david tennant puke GIF

Packers have two young wide outs that they are already quite high on, I just don’t see them going wr in the first.

Yeah but one of them doesn’t know how to catch, soooo …

Watson & Doubs can be Olave & Wilson

JSN would be Loves security blanket perfect fit with those other 2 youngns and their skill set

He’s been anointed as the next Jefferson here so it is fitting that he ends up in GB :grin:


Apparently odds have rosen for Paris Johnson to to Arizona at 3

which would be a huge shakeup in this draft if that happends



apparently reports are Kyler wants him, and a report came out of him wanting Creed Hummphries (Who was his center back in 2018) and Tristian wirfs, but you know

Steve Keim

Their new HC is Philly’s DC

He’s gotta go for his cornerstone player on Defense…right?

EDGE or CB make most sense to me there #3


They do need OL help though, it is a neeed, but they are in a spot for BPA, similar to us back 2 years ago

Those betting lines are all over the place. Vegas has no clue what is going to happen. But they’ll still make money. Gotta love their business model. We make money for sure, you a giant maybe.


Wait a minute. I thought Levis was going number one? It was in all the papers…

Forgot to put the TRADE DOWN w/ATLANTA in the mock so they can get CJ Stroud at 6

We just did biz with them too

They are not in the business of losing money, that’s exactly why I don’t gamble. You might get lucky a few times, but in the end you’ll be in the red before long.


I don’t gamble either, but I wish I would have put some money on Bryce going 1OA earlier. I mean sure you never know what teams will do, but he was flat out the best player in the draft IMO and they were giving great odds.

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Also what are you going to do tomorrow night @socko - Leafs game and the Draft on at the same time!! Gonna need more TV’s.

Yeah, but who’s throwing it to them? That should alleviate your concerns… Along with the DB acquisitions

I can hack it. Sensory overload is a good thing. Probably Leafs on the bigscreen and draft on the laptop.

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