Top 2021 draft players

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The fact that Sewell isn’t on here shows you how deep that class was.

Every guy on that list has a genuine argument but I’m taking Sewell over Humphrey and Devonta.


If they think all those guys are better than Sewell … They’re out of their mind


I would take Sewell over any of those guys


Sewell should be #1!! That list in garbage.

Dumpster Fire GIF by MOODMAN


I would trade Sewell for Twevva

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So Trevor or Sewell and Goff?
I don’t know if I’d do that trade.

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Sewell wasn’t great in 2021, he was in 2022. Maybe that’s why they left him out.

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I love Sewell but I would take Parsons, Ja’Marr or Trevor over him in a heart beat.
Parsons would give us the Missle we need on Defense
Ja’Marr would make this offense super elite.
Trevor is going to be great, he really progessed last year.

Where’s all the Trevor doubters now?

@socko, i think you were one of the more vocal posters about him being a bust last year. What do you think of him now?

But then you don’t have an elite RT and Goff is getting crushed.


Insert Goff for Burrow


I’ll say this, I know he had a good 2nd season, but the Lions defense made him look pretty mediocre last year.


And not this burrow.

I feel like they shoe horned in Justin Fields. Jaycee Horn is also an odd choice considering that he’s missed half of his teams games. I am also surprised they left off Rams DT Bobby Brown, but that’s their prerogative. The kid is good enough and pays attention to every little step he takes to be with you all the way. Don’t count him out because two can play that game. He likes humpin around so we have something in common.

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I thought Trevor was overrated in his draft year. He did look like a bust which surprised me to some degree, I was not expecting a bust. I’ll wait until he enters elite territory before I order my crow.

Turnover per game from Trevor last year, still too high.

Stafford and Allen still would have him beat.


But when he’s played he’s been a top 5 corner in the NFL. For a list like this I don’t think availability should factor into it too much.

I would do that in a heartbeat. Jax never would though.

I’d certainly take him over Fields.