Top 25 Remaining FA (Some Random Writers Opinion)

Still some decent guys out there. Price must be high.

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Maybe we will be surprised and get Q Diggs back on Sunday like what happened with CGJ randomly last year no one thought we would get him

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Will Harris is #1 in my heart :laughing:

When did Connor Williams tear his ACL?

Edit: Ouch so he tore it in December. Not interested.

Whats our cap situation like? Do we have enough left to bring in Stephon Gilmore?

Current cap space is ~12.5m

Assuming (will change)
Reader $13.5
Davenport $6.5
Skipper $1.13
Daly $0.99
Dorsey $0.99

And extensions due for
Goff, St Brown and Davis

My list For FA based on needs

I could see us grabbing another safety.

I expect us to sign an OG.

I want us to find an upgrade at K

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He’s a solid #2.

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Does he want to be CB4?

Blackmon one year deal
Connor Williams torn his acl can play both G and C seems like a holmes guy

Kearse from Cowboys Clemson boy he spent a year here

Prolly going to Wash tho following coach

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