Top available NFL free agents represent very slim pickings for the Lions


WR. Tyler Boyd. (CIN) No. if you cant shine with Higgins and Chase around you. You aint that good.

WR Michael Thomas (NO) an older version of DPJ/ Smith. NOPE.

WR MVS (KC) Older. Really didnt ball out with Mahomes. Pass

Thats it.

S Tashaun Gipson Jr. (SF) hell be 34 before the season starts. No.

S Micha Hyde (BUF) again 34 before the season.

S Tracy Walker (DET) maybe?? If he wants a cheap 1 year deal.

Again this is how it is with a real roster.

There is a reason this cast of characters are still FA.

I am loving being a top 1/3 roster and team in the NFL. It has been said but this is almost a different league than the bottom half. How the rosters are built and how the approach to the season and players. I need to stay right here for the next 40 years.

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We can’t afford any more Free Agents.
We don’t need them, anyway.

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Looks like Harbaugh might not:

They are trying everything they can out there. Will it work? Dont know

At this point if they add anyone it will be after june 1st and see who gets released then.

And maybe someone unexpected gets cut on cut down day.

What a time to be a Lions fan. We had this knowledgeable writer look deeply at the FA offerings and say: “nah, we’re good.” That is crazy. Like, we are in the twilight zone. And I agree with him!

Just a cool time.


From the who you know department:

Boyd will be reunited with Titans head coach Brian Callahan as both men were with the Bengals before making the move to Nashville.

I think we could find the money for Justin Simmons on a short term deal. Adding him makes too much sense. Kerby, Iffy and Branch when not in Nickle all have shown flashes of talent and we just brought in Mosely (CJ) but he’s primarily ST. Like it or not Vaki was listed as a RB when we took him and he is listed as such on the Detroit Lions official website as such right now.

I’m not sure Robertson is a Nickle CB. Even though his size suggests he is. So keeping Branch there makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe we go full on youth movement and go with Branch and Kerby at Safety with Iffy as the 3rd S and box guy, then get both Arnold and Rakestraw on the field putting one in the slot. Arnold has a lot of time there. But would I rather have Kerby / Simmons / Iffy then Branch in the slot with Davis / Arnold outside? Heck yes I would and it would be great to have that veteran starter back there with all the young guys out there to help stabilize everything.

The NFC North is going to be a dogfight and there is no room for losses. We have to start fast and stay great all season. Simmons would definitely help us do that.