Top of the market WR's ... worth it for you?

We know top QB’s are getting PAID … they touch the ball every play, and with the new rules, don’t face injury concerns with the same physical violence as other players. I get it.

Now with receivers approaching $30,000,000.00 per season, it’s becomes a question of are they worth it.

Part of me says yes, if the guy is unstoppable, and makes the rest of the offense run better because they have to deal with him every play. Someone like Calvin is a good example. Pay - that - man - his - munyee.

I think you have to be pretty special, with no history of serious injury, concussion, or anti-team baggage.

Deebo is close to being that guy, for the right team.

I feel like the Lions might be better off paying three individuals like Chark $9m-$11m each, rather than throwing all of the eggs in one basket at this point. You have less chance of $30m sitting on the bench with a high ankle, or bruised hipgina.


Yes. A top WR is worth it. Look no further than Megatron and Cooper Kupp.

You can have Megatron. I will take Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, James Jones and Randall Cobb.


Not at this point in the rebuild.

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Depends on the receiver, the drama involved, the wear on the tires, etc.

Jerry Rice looking for his second contract, sign me up.

Someone who’s going to scrub their feed, throw a passive aggressive temper tantrum, not so much.

There’s ways of handling contract disputes in a classy manner that are respectable. I see someone going public, I see a potential red flag, and so does everyone else that works in a front office. Then it becomes a question of whether they are worth the headache. Someone will usually say yes, but if you’re trying to build a team culture, going after a guy with a big mouth probably isn’t your ideal target.

That $10 million per year contract Green Bay gave to Randall Cobb was hilariously bad. I’m still laughing about it.

Not for me. Guys that get hit at full speed and have bodies that aren’t really built for that don’t thrill me as guys to dump tons of cash on. I mean Tyrell Williams was supposed to be our #1WR last year and what did he last? 5 minutes? We didn’t spend big money on him, but that’s the nature of the position. Kenny Golliday is a guy that doesn’t kill you sitting out on a 3rd round rookie contract, but he’s killing the shit out of NYG on that massive contract. I’d rather treat WR like the RB position. Keep the churn going with draft picks. I’d be fine coming out of this draft with a couple of the mid round guys, say W.Robinson and Alec Pierce. Maybe upgrading Cephus and Raymond and letting Chark/Reynolds/St.Brown man the top of the roster. Then go defense with the high picks.


How many non QBs making 22M plus would you take at their cap hit? Then factor the draft capital.

No. I think Brad has an eye for WR talent. If the WR market remains this way we should continuously draft and develop WRs and sell them off to the highest bidder. Presuming they ask for the moon of course. I’m hopeful that a guy like ARSB can be resigned for idk 17m per when the time comes. That i can live with. Ultimately it depends on the player. If we’re talking about a Kupp level guy then you have to do it.

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One interesting note is that we know from the top 30 visit that we really like JaQuan McMillian the CB out of E. Carolina. Well Pierce gave ECU fits in their matchup. I would imagine that when we were watching that tape Pierce piqued our interest.

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