Torkelson to Toledo Justyn-Henry Malloy called up to Detroit

Bye bye 0 for Fourkelson

Tork hasn’t even been a regular starter lately. Maybe he can go down, get some regular at bats, and figure shit out.

Hopefully JHM can inject some excitement into this offense.


Harris wakes up! I think he heard there are 3 WC slots now and despite the bullshit lineup we are only 2 games out…err well 4, but 4 can go to 0 quickly, as it also can go to 8.


Hey Harris! Dont just do something, sit there!

FFS, go get a cleanup bat.

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One thing on JHM…

Malloy, 24, is hitting .253 with six home runs, 39 walks (20.1% walk rate) and 52 strikeouts (26.8% strikeout rate) across 45 games in Triple-A Toledo, spanning 195 plate appearances. He has played 187⅔ innings in left field and 115 innings in right field for the Mud Hens, also making seven starts at designated hitter.

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I was going to bring up that his numbers aren’t exactly great. I didn’t though because a couple of you guys are so high on him that I figured you just know something that I don’t.

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I’m high on him over Torkelson due to the massive struggles that Tork has had and while JHM may K a lot he also provides offense. Is he more R Deer or Tettleton, don’t know but has to offer more than Tork has(n’t) been. So I’m high on him in that regard.

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I see.

I’m just happy that you keep posting this stuff with our prospects. I’ve always kept an eye on the top guys, but your posts often point me in a direction that I normally wouldn’t look.

Like Dingler as an example. I had no idea that he was having such a good year offensively. Now I will start paying attention.

Yer a good egg @frm710 I appreciate you.

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I have always loved the minor leagues, guys playing the game that still have a passion for the game, chasing that dream they’ve had since being 5 or 10yrs old.

Main reason I have subscribed to the MLB tv package is for the MiLB games available. The tickets are cheap, well in Lakeland, sit close to the field where you can talk to the players and scouts. Always enjoyed it.

It also shows just how tough it is to make the Majors and why I hesitate to calling players turds etc, the difficulty as you move up the ladder increases tremendously.

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This sucks to see, but its the right move, hes been struggling all season.

Hopefully JHM can come in a bit hot, its good to see Matt Vierling play really well lately though, hes been hot as hell.


I haven’t given up on Tork at all. The streak he went on the 2nd half of last season showed that he has what it takes.

I think he just needs to get out if his own head, and let the game come to him, which is why sending him down is probably the right move.

I really think he will figure it out, and be back up for the stretch run.


Yea it’s gotta be his confidence is shot right now. The dude has talent if he can get the swing right again.

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