Totally blown away by the offense and this is a defensive draft

Didn’t really have a whole herd of OL but RB, WR and TE appear loaded and this is considered a defensive draft.
QB, OL and DB seem a little shallow but that is being picky. This is a great draft class in my opinion.

CBS mock has us taking M Sweat at 8. Not sure I like this pic. Seeing as how he’s a year older than most prospects because he lost a year after MSU booted him for not following rules

Bob Q. Has touted this draft class as having a lot of OL talent in it. Which suggests that it’s a smokescreen or he’s planning to go OL at some point. He also stated the meat of this draft is in rounds 2-3. Which makes me think he will make some moves to acquire more picks in these rounds. He also stated that this draft stacks up well to many of the teams needs.

My gut feels we will trade down from 8th if the opportunity presents itself. I wouldn’t be shocked if we have an offensive draft this year.

What would you think if DET went WR, TE and OL in the first 3 rounds?

Really, wouldn’t mind. When I did project needs I listed 2 WR, 2 RB, 2 TE and depending on what happened with Lang, an OL. I assumed we would sign a TE and a RB, but would still need to draft one of each. Somebody ran down a mock I did where I only drafted one defensive player, but I told them depending on how MJ returns from injury we needed at least WR 3 and 4 and it would be a critical need if MJ had trouble. We’re hearing they are looking to trade him. Where will we be then?
I also said we needed to redo the TE room and the RB room.
To lessen the burden on draft day, I advocated trading Rich Wagner to Tampa Bay for Cameron Brate, signing Mark Ingram and trying to bring in Crabtree to anchor a thin WR room.
I released Lang for more cap, I released Riddick, I even released Zenner. So, you know how I feel about those three rooms. I felt Crosby was good enough to replace Wagner and we could replace Lang with a guy like Andy Levitre giving us a window to fill the guard spot. I mean Golladay is a beast but Crabtree teaching him, WR 3 possession/redzone guy, pick up a guy for the slot and the WR2 in the draft.

I’d be shocked.

I can see OL. Decker has one more year on the rookie contract and this year is an opportunity to upgrade that spot and get cheaper.

But TE takes 3 years to mature, if they do at all, so I’d hate a TE pick in the first 2 rounds, maybe 3rd, but it will be at the expense of a more impact player.

WR? I’m happy with what we have. I’d like to see less passing and more running, so get whatever WR you need in FA or UDFA. We have #1 and #2. Bigger needs for now and for future.