Totally FAK The Seahawks!

Since that game, that close loss, it has sent everything here to hell !!! We have no confwalk awayidence in anything , we question our players–our fanhood—our staff members—our season win totals—all of the positions of this team–ourselves–and the feeling is Doom & Gloom in here and WHY? We beat SUPER BOWL WINNING Kansas City AND The GREAT Mahomes in THEIR home ! Then We take The Seahawks into SUDDEN DEATH overtime and barely lose that by the skin of our teeth —and all of a sudden??? everything has changed here !?? no I don’t like how we played The Seahags -either , but considering everything? They were DAMN lucky to walk away with that win !! Couldda Wouldda Shouldda * Quit Moping Around and feeling sorry and pissed off . LETS DESTROY ATLANTA !!


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This fits so unbelievably well

I’m cutting back my time here and posting as it’s become a waste of time overall…

But, I still have A desire to voice my worthless opinion….

Who picked us to go 2-0? No one, that’s right……

Who had us to go 1-1….? 93.75 % of this whole freaking board….

But we have to get narcissistic about how we got that 1-1 record …

Who cares? I am simply glad we are not 0-2…… you all would be on suicide watch….

As always…. It’s a game; nothing more… prayers you all figure it out sooner than later…

Life is what is happening when we are not! On the board 24/7……

Love you all….


Clearly you haven’t heard of Big Natty! :smiley:

But we do have dusfrunrions!

That was the phylogenetic toads talking! :star_struck:

Love you all to and @Nate --and all the mods for what they do here day and night–without them, there would be no Den .
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Even Wyle E Coyote is all about the turf. Love it.

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Did that win make me look fat?

Your spelling is off…

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