Toughest to throw against on 3rd down?

Who’s the toughest to throw against on 3rd Down this season?

3rd Down Comp% Allowed:

  1. DET 44.4%

  2. NE 45.2%

  3. ATL 73.3%

  4. WAS 87.2%

Wait, what? Maybe the idea of rushing 3 when you got a very fast secondary ain’t such a bad idea, although I’d still rather rush 4 and disguise the 4th guy (have 6 or 7 on the LOS, send a guy from different places).


Boy that’s a far cry from years past!


Maybe our team is actually pretty good but all the people here just THINK they are shitty??? :man_shrugging:

The Lions’ last three weeks: Detroit 70, Chargers/Eagles/Chiefs 68. Imagine your opposing quarterbacks in this era of passer-rating-inflation have been Kyler Murray, Phillip Rivers, Carson Wentz and Patrick Mahomes, and you’ve held them to a composite (and stingy) 80.3 rating - Peter King

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The crazy part is not just that we are #1 but the difference between #2 and #3

It is us and the Patriots and then everybody else is not even close

With those percentages, I assumed ATL and WSH are supposed to be 31 and 32


You’re right, brother. I suspect they anticipate the DL stepping up even more too, and that will factor in. Also, we will put more blitzing in later in the season, and have some teams will see different looks that wehavn’t shown on film yet. Our Defense is well coached, and it’s fun to watch.

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We have also held 4 pretty good QBs to an 80+ qbr combined… almost 25 under their season average

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Remember when we could always count on the opposing QB to have a career high day and pad his stats???

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Yeah, ATL and WASH are 31 and 32, don’t know why the copy and paste changed the numbers.

As far as the Lions are concerned, our secondary is doing pretty well, and if the DL ever gets going then we’re going to be getting off the field sooner and more often IMHO.

That makes much more sense :slight_smile:

That despite missing our top CB against the top QB in the league.

Bottom line, we didn’t win, but if that is your only measuring stick, anything less than 16-0 is not good enough, but…we very easily could be 4-0 at this point.

The 1st quarter of the season is our “preseason”. We finished 2-1-1. Now we just need to show improvement each quarter, 3-1 or better in each quarter and we are likely hosting a playoff game and maybe even a buy week.

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We go 6-2 for a 8-3-1

We will need only one or two more wins to clinch… depending on how the Other nfc teams do …

I’m hoping for 9-2-1 myself baby with us winning at least the next 4 straight!!

I’m expecting 3-1 the next 4 games. That puts us at 5-2-1 at the half way point, likely in 2nd or 3rd in the NFC.

Week 5 important NFC games.

Thur - Rams at Seahawks

Sun - Tampa at New Orleans

Minny at NY

Green Bay at Dallas

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I think it’s just a matter of conditioning. Hard to change your thought process after 51 years (in my case).