Already tired of hiring people to do my food plots, small landscaping jobs, haul firewood and remove our 80"+/- snow each year…

Anyone here have any experience with compact tractors 35-60hp, new or used?

Been eyeing that L6060 from Kubota. Drove an MX6000 which comes with a factory cab in 2020 but will not have a mid PTO for a front snowblower.

You will not be disappointed w/the Kubota. My grandpa had one, when I was a kid. He did ridiculous work with that thing and abused it 6 days/week. Literally always hauling cement and/or cement statues (heavy stuff), as well as using the brush hog to clear property, the bucket was in constant use too, as we used it to move the gravel daily. That thing was tough. They still have it (like 30 years old)…insane.

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A friend has had a smallish Kubota for about 10 years, and my uncle has the mid sized. They both love them. Uncle George has had his over 20 years.


If the MX had the mid PTO it’d be perfect with the heavier frame than the L -juuuust in case… But, I don’t think I’d be doing that much heavy lifting to need a bulkier frame.

Yea, I’ve heard a lot of good about the Kubotas. I don’t have the cash to go used but new is 5y/0 down/0 interest.

I don’t know how much of this is true but the Kubota’s are made by the same company as cub cadet. Cub cadet does not stand behind its products. I bought one, had a problem went to the dealer, the dealer said go to the company, the company said go to the dealer. It was a design flaw in that model, cub cadet knew it and they wouldn’t do anything about it. My wife said they were made by the same company. That’s the part I don’t know is true. Not throwing shade.

I didn’t know that. I always hated any lawn tractors that have stamped decks. My zero turn is a Scag.

As far as Kubota, I heard they’re building a plant in central Indiana. It will be the first in America for Kubota. Parts will likely still be imported as they are with several car manufacturers.

I do like Japan designed motors. Love my Tacoma which was mostly assembled in the US. As was my 1999 eclipse which had it’s best motor they ever produced(4G63T). And my 2 mowers have Kawasaki motors also assembled stateside.

Fake new man! MTD does not own nor manufacture Kubota equipment. I have been to the Kubota plant in GA. My equipment playing a small part!

FWIW I own one of the newer Pro Series Cub Cadet Zero Turns for the commercial sector and after thorough research, nothing else provided more features for less. The thing is a freaking tank and has EFI so no more carb issues which is generally the MAIN issue with all small engines in one way or another. Hydros were much smoother than the Scag I had intended on buying. Deck is a bank vault (which is sometimes a problem on my hilly property as it wants to take you where you don’t want to go). That said, you are looking for a tractor. If you have the bread you can’t go wrong with Kubota equipment. In the zero turn arena, the Cub just gave you more for less and that’s what it boiled down to for me.

Like I said, my wife told me that Cub Cadet and Kubota work together. I didn’t think it was true. I said as much.

Not true. KMA has been in Gainesville, GA since 1988.

Wasn’t coming down on you man. Just setting the record straight. Should you tell your wife? Hell no! :couple:

No way in hell.

:laughing: Way too cold in the U.P. to piss off the wife over small potatoes… or even big potatoes…

Swings a mean cast-iron skillet.

Ok, guess I always thought GA was just their HQ and not a manufacturing plant.

Maybe it was the compact and utility tractors that will be manufactured in central Indiana? The model I’m getting isn’t built stateside now but will be in the near future. Must be what the sales guy was talking about.

Edit, it will manufacture all engine and drivetrain for Kubota equipment other than the biggest ones such as Cummings which is already manufactured in NC. The GA and KS plants will be the finally assembly points for all models.

They’re trying to make new Kubotas the most American tractors on the market.