Tracy Walker III

He continues to show flashes.

How confident would you be if the team dropped Glover Quin and started Walker alongside Diggs? And yeah, I’m talking next year.

The less glaring needs we have heading into the draft, the better – we’ve already got plenty of holes.

Glover will always have a special place in my heart, as it seems like we stole him from Houston. That said, not only does his heart seem to be back home, but he has most definitely lost a step. As much as I like him personally, as a player? He’s done.

I have to believe this is why Walker was drafted to replace Quin. He is showing clear signs that he is slowing down and has a 8 million cap hit next year, they could release him at a cost of 1.66 mil, so I don’t believe the Lions will keep him into next year.


Resign Wilson and draft q safety in mid/late rounds and I think they are ok IF they get a very very solid 2nd corner and shift Lawson to slot and Tabor to waiter. This assumes Agnew is back ok as the 4th corner…

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At this point I’d be okay with Walker replacing Quin THIS year.


I would say off hand that Quinn would have to take a serious pay cut if he wants to play here next year. But he’d have to show something better than what we’ve seen from him so far this year, cuz right now he looks like he’s done. I would be giving Walker a few more snaps out there and see how he does. I’d also draft a Safety on Day 3 if a good looking prospect is there for the taking (they got other more pressing needs for Day 1 and 2).

Still wondering if Tabor could serve better as a Safety, otherwise he’s gone too. I guess I just hate to see another 2nd round pick go to waste, but it is what it is.

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100% with ya on that one, sir.

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Wes nailed it. Quin was one of my favorite additions and should had been probowl two years in a row. But that was then and definitely not now. His surprising immediate decline and the no show by Killebrew had really destroyed our current safety position


Imagine if Diggs didn’t all of the sudden turn from a decent nickelback into a good safety overnight- then we’d really be in trouble.

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I’m liking Walker at Safety. He’s been getting more and more time as the season has progressed. I’d like to see if Tabor can play safety. It’s obvious he doesn’t have the quicks or long speed to hang at CB. I really like Diggs ability to play nickel and safety. We need a better answer than Wilson and Tabor isn’t long for the league at CB.


Walker was my favorite draft pic. I always have had an affinity to dream big on small school prospects. I haven’t been right on my prognosistication by any means!!! . I was sold on Kircus and Sammy Lee Hill! Haha…but all I read on Tracy and the little tape I did watch I saw future starter and pro bowl potential. He’s a keeper and I knew it the minute he had his first int but it was called back. He’s got long arms and is strong and fast. Gonna be fun to see his development!

I echo the calls to start him over Quin. I do love what Quin brought in his prime and has been a class act but that’s the nature of the game as you get older.

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Good perspective, @EricTheTruth – thanks!

I’d prefer moving Diggs back to Quinn’s spot with Walker taking over for Quinn. I think is a way better matchup against tight end and big slot players. Then we have to spend money at CB in free agency. One outside guy and one slot guy that are ready to play replacement level football day 1. Do that and invest draft capital wisely on the front seven and we can have a pretty good defense next year.

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