Trade destinations for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz

Next up … Wentz. It’ll be really interesting to see what Wentz draws with Stafford establishing the market. I’m guessing something similar.

Nah Wentz won’t command nearly as much. I’m not very high on Carson to be honest. Ever since he got injured his rookie year he hasn’t looked good in the games I’ve seen. His mechanics suck and he’s got accuracy issues.


I have never thought Wentz was anywhere near elite. He won’t get squat for compensation on a trade

He has had 3 season ending injuries in the NFL. He missed 8 weeks in his senior year at NDSU. BTW, they won all 8 games behind Easton Stick.

Not a chance, IMO. Wentz was not a QB on a troubled team, rather he’s just a troubled QB that contributes to his team’s demise.

His contract is also pretty ugly. He’ll still have a $30+MM cap hit per year for his new team, even with the Eagles eating his signing bonus (only about $10MM total).

I’d much rather have Goff or Stafford, both from a talent and contract perspective.

Second-round pick, maybe? If I could swap out my own bad contract / disgruntled player, that would be better. Not sure to whom Wentz is going to be overly appealing.

So, are the Eagles the next dumpster fire? Or is it Houston?

Unless Watson is able to save them from themselves on the field, its definitely Houston IMO. They have issues all over the organization. The Eagles are structurally sound in management, they are just in a weird headspace right now.

Getting close…

I think the Eagles would take the Colts 2nd round pick in a heartbeat. I hope Sirianni keeps Wentz and tries to fix him because with Wentz and Hurts on the roster, they wouldn’t draft Trey Lance, would they? Lots can happen in the 12 weeks before the draft, but the first 5 picks could easily go:

Jacksonville, Lawrence
Jets, QB Zack Wilson
Miami, WR Ja’Marr Chase or Penei Sewell
Atlanta, QB Justin Fields
Cincinnati, WR Ja’Marr Chase or Penei Sewell

Should the Eagles then pass on Lance, Holmes and company would have legitimate TD options with the Panther, Steelers and Niners. Whether they want to or should trade down at that point is a different matter.