Trade up in draft; who will be willing

So, Brad imho has proven to be very very good at drafting guys that end up preforming well…

Like top 5-10 gm good

So, if the other 31 GMs know he will hit on a pick more than not, who will be willing to let him go up the draft and get a good player vs saying suck it and maybe purposely make Brad miss in a desired player?

I’m think it less likely now anyone would want to trade up with Brad

Will get back to you April 25th :laughing:


I think the other GMs would be looking at what they could gain more than keeping Brad from gaining a good player, but you never know.

Another question in the opposite direction; What player could be on the board at 29 that would cause another GM to want to trade back into the first? Like a quarterback or other player?

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I’m thinking Minnesota and Green Bay are not going to be as accommodating as they once were.


Two possibilities I see are:

1:) team moves back into the first round for QB. As an example could it be possible that NE for instance would go MHIII and then trade back up for Nix or Penix? We’d be able to down to 34 and then get back pick 104.

2:) A team like Carolina jumps above KC and BAL to secure a WR like idk Troy Franklin. Picks 33 and 102.

That’s slightly above chart value in either case.