Traded TE Roberts to Pats

For a late round draft pick next year.

Getting something for a dude that would likely have been cut. No matter how it works out, Quinn is a hard worker.

He may do very well there. Just the odd man out here. At least got something.

He couldn’t stay healthy, and didn’t produce much when he was healthy. At some point the Lions had to move on and today was that point. Certainly the TEs the Lions have now look to be fairly good, so its not like they gave up somebody they really needed.

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Nauta was going to beat him out anyway. Thomas is a brainiacs with a QB background. He probably would have, too.
Excellent move!
I really like our TE group. James should be steady. Hockenson has the potential to be a star. Nauta may have the best hands of the bunch, and Thomas is a wildcard. No telling how he could be used.

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A Patriot type move.

And to quote Matt Patricia…
As he’s talking about roster movement and the TE’s added, he says “had an opportunity to move on from Mike”.

“an opportunity to move on from” says all you need to know. Patricia was done with him.


I was wondering if the Lions would go with 3 or 4 TEs on their active 53 roster. Looks like 3, although I guess you never know with the Lions. Which could mean a 5th receiver or 5th RB, maybe. I think now they’re going to keep Ty Johnson on the 53, as a gadget guy and a KO returner.

I believe it is only a conditional 7th round pick. Next year: Michael Roberts with 2000 receiving yards. Never trade with the Pats. They always know something that you don’t. I thought he would develop into a solid TE.

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It’s tough to say when you’re looking at the bottom of those groups.

Is it still 4 TE’s with Logan Thomas being #4?
Is it 5 RB’s + 1 FB with both Zenner and Johnson making it?
Is it 6 WR’s with Fulgham plus one of Lewis, Lacy, Jones, Alexander or Powell making it? (assuming Duhart, Reilly and Kennedy aren’t really in the running)

Too early to tell.

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The writing was kinda on the wall for Roberts, often injured, inability to separate from defenders, and his general inconsistency wasn’t a recipe for a roster spot after the resources that were spent on upgrading his position group.

If Nauta is healthy, I think he makes the opening day roster, i don’t think we can hide him on the PS without the very real possibility of losing him to one of the other NE cloned teams out there.

I’m thinking we carry four TEs going into the season, not sure if all four will be active every week, but I think the TE group will look like… JJ, TJ, Thomas, and Nauta.

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Nauta will make the roster. (They have to carry four or one injury wipes out any use of the 13 set)
Theo Riddick will not. (They are paying too much for too little.)
RB Johnson makes it. (Speed kills.)
Killebrew doesn’t. (Odd man out.)
Joe Dahl makes it. (Fullback, TE, OL depth, special teams)
Bawden does not. (Roll usurped by Joe Dahl.)

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Dude had his shot last year, he didn’t produce. Rumor has it that his worth ethic stinks, he won’t last in NE

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No surprise here. You could see him and Stafford were clearly on different pages. If i remember correctly I believe a couple of poorly run routes cost Matt some ill timed int’s…

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People say this kind of stuff every time the Pats make a move. However, the reality is the Pats make tons of moves and a ton of them don’t “work out.”

Update: trade was voided, and he was simply released by Detroit.


Hmmmm… didn’t pass a physical?

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Yep, exactly.

All he ever did here was run incorrect routes, drop passes, and get hurt.

Pride of Detroit ‏Verified account (twitter)

Worth noting that Roberts told reporters last week he was fully healthy and didn’t seem limited during OTAs/minicamp. “It’s more about building and maintaining strength around everything I had that went wrong, which I feel perfectly fine.”

Maybe he lied to the media, maybe something happened to him during this last week and he didn’t tell the Lions, or maybe he flat out lied to them. The fact that he got cut immediately leads me to believe he was less than honest with them. Adios, amigo.

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PS Bring Back Joe Fauria


I liked Joe, but he couldn’t block anybody to save his ass. Plus, I think he lied about that ankle injury story.