Trades have to make sense

We have all got trade dreams. Seems like every year someone suggests a trade and says they might give a second round pick for Khalil Mack. They are total dreamers and not the illegal immigrant kind.
So trades that make sense for both teams is my topic. A trade must offer a player under contract for a value close to the player value.
This year, I would offer Wagner to Tampa Bay for Cameron Brate. They are close enough in salary and Brate fills a need at TE. Tampa gets a better tackle, we get a capable starting TE.
Same deal to San Franciscco for George Kittle. Little riskier but throwing the bones with someone else’s currency is fun.
Maybe Wagner to Baltimore for Michael Crabtree.

I think Crosby can fill in for Wagner. Otherwise we are painfully thin.

We could offer Ziggy and retain his rights but the tender is too high a price and I think nobody will pay it and separate from anywhere near our perceived threshhold of value.

We could offer draft picks to Arizona for Chandler Jones and or Patrick Peterson. They could be in a fire sale mode. They were reported to have soured on Hassan Reddick and the other LB’er, too.

So, if you think you have a trade that makes sense for both teams like Glover Quin to the Patriots for Julian Edelmann or Dante Fowler please post. I did not post that last proposal for real scrutiny but any one of the Wagner deals is acceptable. My only stipulation is the offer should be commensurate with perceived value, not Killebrew and Riddick to the Ramms for Gurley and Donald.

Trade Marvin Jones for Ryan Kerrigan

Yeah, I get it, but trading a player like Marvin would cfeate another hole. I think that trade would hurt us more than help. Thanks for the input, though.

Financials-wise, it would make more sense to sign Flowers. We would pay Kerrigan 10.5m and eat 5.6m from Jones dead cap.

Now, we may not sign Flowers, so could this be a plan B? Yup.

Flowers is one of my prime FA targets. Collins S, Mark Ingram RB and Gaines CB.
Trades however I am targeting a TE as you saw the two above and WR like Crabtree.

We’re not deep anywhere, any player you trade is going to create a hole. Marvin is replaceable, he’s a #2, depending on what offense we’re running, we may need smaller quicker guys. Bevell is used to guys like Baldwin and Lockett in Seattle and Percy Harvin in Minnesota.

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I won’t argue with you but if we have seven guys capable of starting on the OL and the back-up to Wagner can play(start), then that makes that position expendable as in Wagner. You don’t have a replacement at #2 WR. He is our WR1 but again I won’t quibble about where you slot him, we don’t have his replacement, wherever you slot him. Trade him if you want to, he has value, but his value to us given his current salary and the fact we only have two legitimate NFL wide receivers including him and he is coming off an injury, you might understand why trading him has no particular appeal to me.

Which is pretty ridiculous when you consider that’s all Quinn has ever tried to do since his arrival.

His salary is what makes him so appealing in the trade for the other team. He doesn’t really impress me as far as a player goes, he’s average. And we don’t have 7 guys on the OL that can start, we don’t even have a starting RG really, but that is where I expect Crosby to play this year.

I think we went into the season deep at DB, but Glover and Teez disappointed, Snead didn’t pan out and Agnew got hurt. Same thing can be said about RB, KJ got hurt and Blount disappointed. I think we have some capable backups along the OL, but none are players I would deem ready for starting duties.

Trading Marv would be even more stupid than trading Tate was! If that happens, I will finally be done with the drama.

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I’m with you on not trading Marv, but Tate may not have given us a choice.

Did you really think we were a playoff team if we keep Tate?

Otherwise he writes his own ticket out of here in FA.

Tag should be over $16M. Then you get one year. I like Tate a lot, but if he said “FU, I want out” when the Lions talked to him about staying, then the only reasonable option is to get something for him like we did.

I know that we were a “better” team with Tate. We’ll never know how much of a difference having him when Marv went down would have made. We may have had enough fire power to have won the Rams game?