Trey Flowers week 1

A base salary of $14.375 million and a cap number of $19.99 million just doesn’t get you much these days…

At least he forced a fumble and gave us a chance to come back, but yeah pretty quiet day otherwise

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He’s been a awful signing.

Flowers provides nothing! A complete waste


Relative to his cost vs available alternatives, agreed. He’s egregiously overpaid relative to his actual production, which wouldn’t be bad if he was paid about half of what he’s making.

I expect him to be gone after the season when the cap hit is more manageable.



I think they would save $3.15 million of 2022 cap if he is released as a “regular” cut… or it could save about $8.76 million if done as a June 1st release.

I’m not in the same universe as @DeadStroke … but I think those are fairly accurate numbers.

Unfortunately he’s still one of the best players we have on defense lol.

After what I seen yesterday I get rid of every big contract I can after the season.


And that’s very sad.

Watch the other 35 touchdown

He finished that block even worse !

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This!!! Sad how bad our defense is

Quinn/Patricia really set us back rosterwise trying to get their guys…

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Damn. He got abused.

Unfortunately that wasn’t a one-time thing.

Flowers just doesn’t bring much … not sure why.

We need to send Flowers some :bouquet: for his manhood.

It was just taken from him forever.

Hey!! He made a play.
But yeah, I didn’t really grasp how much the previous staff set the Lions back. It’s worse than I had thought. It’s going to take a while to crawl out of this hole.

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Surprised nobody posted his 89 pff grade from week 1

I was actually going to make a thread about Flowers. Where the hell was he all game?
To be honest, once we got down big, I was half tuned out…I even made a comment in the in-game thread around the beginning of the 4th quarter asking if he was playing today?

What position do they have him playing? Was he supposed to be rushing the passer?

Ooof, that block by Kittles…embarassing.

Hopefully, Jullian is ready by then.

I mean has he even been in Detroit since he was signed?