Trinity Benson…

Hard to believe we gave up a 5th rounder (early 5th too) for a WR who couldn’t find the field when we were completely void of talent. Early swing and miss for Brad Holmes, hopefully he can use the off-season to find a role.


With all things considered, I’d call complaining about this knit-picking.
I think Brad is very willing to admit his mistakes and move on super-quickly.
Very happy with our bald guy, so far. I think 2 more offseason like the last one, and we are in business.


The compensation was low, but definitely one of his biggest misses. Randel El talked him up over a month ago and said to not count him out, but at this point I don’t expect him to even make the roster next year.


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I would call the Benson trade his biggest blunder thus far. Not a huge deal but still resources that could have been put elsewhere. If he’s going to mistakes I would rather he make them with out late round picks.

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Paton should be on his s***list after that one. Not only did we give up a 5th, but had they discussed it they probably could have just swapped Benson for Mike Ford.

If there are any transactions with Paton and their new HC, make it hurt! I want my pick back, with interest!

:roll_eyes: This board…

Trinity Benson is exactly the kind of guy you get in the fifth round.

It’s very possible that he’ll need an offseason to get up to speed and contribute. But even if he never contributes anything at all, who gives a crap? That’s the outcome of most fifth-round picks.

They used a bean to get a player. That’s what beans are for.


“I want my 2 dollars!”


Its not a huge deal by any stretch, but a wasted pick is still a wasted pick.

Melvin Ingram was traded for a 6th
Kenny Young a 6th
Zach Ertz a 5th
Stephon Gilmore a 6th
Ahkello Witherspoon a 5th
Gardner Minshew a 6th
Denzel Perryman a 6th
Joe Schobert a 6th
Anthony Miller a 5th
Trent Brown a 5th
Michael Brockers a 7th
Gabe Jackson a 5th

All those guys were traded in 2021. You can get some good veteran talent for a late round pick. Not too mention the late round are how you build up your overall team depth.

Wasting a 5th is not going to cripple anything or have any lasting impact, but it is still bad practice in the long run. Especially when it is the 2nd pick in that round.


In the long run, if Benson turns out to be a mistake, I’ll still be happy with the hit to mistake ratio displayed thus far by the bald guy in charge…


If you watched Trinity Benson‘s video conference when he came to the Lions, you saw that he was a very earnest young man, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Next year after a full training camp and a lot of time in the Lions system, he’ll know enough routes and responsibilities well enough that he could potentially produce for us. Just don’t ask him to do anything nuanced.

It’s more likely that we will add 2 receivers through the draft and he will get cut due to his limitations.

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Maybe trinity benson is the real reason Lynn got fired lol

I remember people getting a hard on for this guy.

You not being fair just by listing the draft pick to be fair you have to include the$$$$$$$ Don’t just use half the truth list those an the Cap hit that was attached.
Zach Ertz a 5th $5,666,667
Denzel Perryman a 6th $2,951,165.
Michael Brockers a 7th $3,050,000 an more next season if he stays
Not judging players ability just shows more than a draft pick involved

Its not always the Draft pick just so u know Trinity Benson $660,000 2021 an 2022 is 825,000…Now was he worth it this season NO maybe next if not not no Cap hit also you nor I have any idea what pick this season would be an if any better.


That’s what matters, because they all miss sometimes.


Lions also received a 2023 6th Rd pick from the Broncos, so we got that going for us.


I heard we were just gonna take J-Will and let them keep their pick.