Trouble, Traps, Fear and Trepidation (The '23 Gauntlet)

We are getting flat cocky around here. I can smell it. :wink:

If you think we got a gimme game in the 2023 season, I’m here to set you straight. If you think some other team is hopeless and will go down easy, I’m here to expose your stinkin’ thinking.

Let’s do this Alphabetically, one underdog on the schedule, then the next.

Atlanta Falcons, 7-10 in 2022. Game #3. Big joke right?

Quick Falcon facts:

-In all their '22 losses but one, Falcons lost by one score. Four of their losses were a FG or less. Nail-biters to the left and nail-biters to the right. If you know the NFL you appreciate how those close games can quickly flip from one year to the next.

-Falcon QB play will inevitably improve. Atlanta will either start Desmond Ritter, winner of 2 of his four rookie starts–sure to improve in year two-- or feisty Taylor Heinicke, whom is an upgrade over Marcus Mariota.

-Falcons were third in total rushing yards last year–this before adding generational bawler Bijan Robinson and highly esteemed run-blocker Mathew Bergeron. Falcons will want to mash and maul. Will the D be ready?

-Drake London, WR, was a rookie revelation. Kyle Pitts is a powder keg ready to blow.

-The Lions will be coming off tough games over highly esteemed Chiefs and Seahawks. Total trap game.

35% of all NFL games are won outright by the underdog. Beware!


I don’t wanna hear that noise! I have already bought my honolulu blue kool-aid mouthpiece!


I’m with OP here.

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Look no further than the 2015 Lions. They were cocky and confident after winning 11 games the year before.

I’m hoping Campbell keeps this team on edge. This year will be a true test for him.

Hopefully the team keeps things in check and comes out hungry.


You said “cocky”…

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I mentioned ATL as a sneaky tough game in the schedule release thread so I do agree.

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Atlanta also added Jessie Bates, Calais Campbell, Bud Dupree, obviously Taylor Heinicke, and Jeff Okudah (I know) off of their team last year.

They had one heck of an offseason and nobody is talking about it.

Bud Dupree isn’t particularly good at football

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The moment the team starts smelling their own farts it is back to SOL. Cant have that.


I figure we go 2-2 to start the season. then go 9-4 the rest of the way.


You say that like it’s a bad thing.
Actually, there’s a big difference between “cocky” and “confident”.
Nothing wrong with swag.
We have great team, with depth!


AlSo, we are better looking than the falcons


They brought in Mike Hughes and Okudah! We gonna throw for 400 yards on those chumps.

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