Trufant! Signed 2 years


Allows them to continue to shop Slay


Wonder if Slay gets traded now or do they hope this makes him more interested in staying.

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Slay wants to get paid whenever that’s at.

I think Slay stays…unless someone coughs up at least a 2ND round pick and I don’t think that’s gonna happen…

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Former 1st round pick. I love this signing.


Legacy pick with NFL size and athleticism. Very good short-area foot quickness, mirrors receivers on the outside on double moves up the sideline or quick out routes. Capable of playing either outside or in the slot. Has speed to run with better receivers. Plays a lot of press-bail but has length and tenacity in coverage. Regularly rips off and out-quicks receiver blocks to get into position to make plays. Competes for the ball in the air and won’t back down from physical challenges from receivers.


Only adequate in his overall strength and physicality, often whiffs at tackle attempts, jumping at feet or throwing a weak shoulder. Has mental lapses in coverage that lead to big plays. Poor technique in press makes him susceptible to giving up plays. Gives up the sideline in the run game when failing to get outside leverage against receiver blocks. Will open up his hips far too quickly and immediately give up inside leverage.

NFL Comparison

Antoine Cason

Bottom Line

The brother of NFL cornerbacks Marcus and Isaiah flashes playmaking ability and very good foot quickness, but must play stronger, smarter, and avoid technique breakdowns to be considered a sure-fire NFL starter. His skillset will still likely see him as a Day 2 selection.

Best signing this year by far.


Lions could trade Slay and draft Okudah. They could also roll with Trufant, Slay, Okudah, and Coleman.



If they keep Slay they are very solid at CB. Or draft Okudah in a trade down.

And Amani-O



Don’t forget Oruwariye

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Have to think the Lions are hoping hard for a nice trade down.

They’ve added some solid players on defense, the only catch is they are older and won’t be in the league long. That means they’d better draft some of their eventual replacements - like now.

i still like this best Trufant, Slay, Okudah, and Coleman Depends on how draft works out.

I think if they trade Slay it will a be a draft night trade. There is no need to rush an trade him. Signed for the year his cap cost already in Lion Cap numbers.

I know some just like to see what we might get an talk trade value but if your GM you hold all the cards an no need to jump at a trade an I have no problem taking the CB with are rd 1 pick an keeping Slay.

I expect Lions will trade him but I hope they wait till last minute to get best value.


Only if Young is not there at #3 though right?

Damn, just saw this and was going to make a thread wondering if he would be a good signing and there you go…done deal…I like it…what are the thoughts?

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Ya with both him and Slay getting up there a touch, we will be filling the CB hole next. I like the signing and hope they get something done to pacify Slay. Throw him some guaranteed cash.

That would make for one really nice secondary. Also considering the emphasis on coverage they have made this offseason and the lions saying their coverage issues were a big problem I could see Okudah being added. I’m torn between on CY and Okudah debate.

This is my take, add a bit of $$$ to his deal and let a fine Lion player actually leave here happy for a change lol.