TV - miniseries

Watching Amazons Man in the High Castle. It’s a way to tell a story in 2000 minutes (4 10-episode seasons) rather than in a movie of 120-150 minutes.

1962-64. The Axis Powers won the WW2. Japan rules the Pacific States. The North American Reich runs much of the east (say Mississippi eastward?) and then a large neutral zone - much occurs in Denver.

Interesting. Has a strange twist about parallel realities - some where the Allies won. And some people (very few) can travel between these realities. And the Nazis are aware of these competing realities and striving to find a way to conquer them too. Just started the 4th season.

I almost never watch miniseries - unwilling to put so much time into them. But some of you know I have a growing interest in history. And this caught my eyeballs. Hitler, Himmler, Mengele etc.

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Watched it. My wife and I enjoyed it, but it did get weird for a couple episodes, then came back around. I’d recommend it.

Based on a philip k dick novel, whose stories ended up being the movies blade runner, total recall and a lot of other movies, influencing a lot of people.

there’s also a series called philip k dicks electric dreams that amazon made as well. I’d recommend it. very similar to black mirror or should I say black mirror was probably influenced by his works.

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40 episodes. Almost 2000 minutes. I found much of it fascinating …. but I knew it would be tough to have a satisfying ending. And - yep - the ending was nonsense.

To see a movie where it’s interesting etc but then has a poor ending - well that’s 120-150 minutes usually. No biggie. But 2000 minutes!!?? Uggh. There’s a reason I don’t watch miniseries very often.