Two things not to be ignored

Two things about this off-season that can not be ignored citizens of the den.

One brad identified a monstrous opportunity to better this teams secondary and did it.

Two the majority of the free agents we are bringing in come from fantastic organizations who have been doing it right for a long time.

And c the north runs through us now baby letttttttttts go!

Oh and btw we still have a draft worth of talent to add!!!


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I want to agree but we still have to earn that. We are set to do it but now have to make it happen. Take the north next year and then never let go.


Not until Campbell retires.

My dad waited 67 years for this…I’ve waited 35….let’s ■■■■■■■ GO!


He did it with WR last year.

One of Brad’s core tennants as a GM seems to be identify a need and just saturate it with resources.

Footage of Brad addressing the secondary :arrow_down:



Henceforth, the NFCN shall be known as the Holmes/Campbell division.
So let it be written.
So let it be done.


Yep, i agree. But these 1 year deals can be a bit problematic. Right now with Chark out of the picture i feel our WR Corps is a bit lacking.

After 2023 we could be facing the same thing with our CB Corps.

Which is why i hope we still consider taking one of the premium CBs in the first.

Im sure Holmes isn’t going to take the same short sighted approach in the draft that some on here are now promoting.


Been saying since the day he was hired …, we became the new anti-Patriots

MCDC is the new BB

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We could use a bit more talent, but what we have is a good mix of vet leadership & talent. Another Ra-ish pick @ WR, & the rook will be in great position to learn & grow into his role by mid to late season.

This could be the plan moving forward…shuffling vets through to win, enjoy the end of their career in winning while grooming our young’n’z (until we have our own vets, as guys start getting their second contracts).

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Could be. Holmes seems to be the type that tries to minimize risks and counting on Jamo to step up this season seems to be a bit risky.

On the other hand it may be a psychological move on his part to motivate Jamo. Put him in a place were we need him to perform, let him know we are putting a huge part of our success in his hands, and let’s see how he reacts.

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He should add a WR an a CB every draft They are pricey players an teams can’t have a lot of pricey players at one position.

What you pointed out is why we should get a top end CB this draft an likely a WR.

Its also why I want them to pick up Okudah fifth year its about same as this year an it is like insurance policy at CB position for 2024. Its cheaper than it would be since he missed time with injuries.

Right now we only have two for sure back Sutton an Jacob(RFA)
Now we will have money to resign players but doesn’t mean they will resign

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