Two year window

Goff, St Brown and Sewell cap hits for the next five seasons:

2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
Goff 27.2 32.6 69.6 54.6 61.6
St Brown 4.9 13.9 33.1 29.0 26.0
Sewell 8.2 9.6 28.0 32.0 34.0
TOTAL 40.3 56.1 130.7 115.6 121.6

Obviously there are several things that can be done to push cap hits down the line, but ultimately 2026 is when these three contracts will really begin to hit the cap.

This isn’t a terrible thing, good teams routinely have multiple players on big contracts, but with the way these three deals have been structured our best chance to win a Super Bowl with this core group of players is 2024 and 2025.

Gotta keep crushing the draft year after year to be sustainable. But I agree the time is now.

The NFC is fairly weak too. Gotta take advantage


Count on a Goff restructure from 2026 forward.


The Cap will be 20-30 million higher in three years if it stays on the same trajectory.

Let’s say it goes up by 7mil each each year

Year 1 - 7 mil
Year 2 - 7 + 7 Mil
Year 3 - 7 + 7 + 7 mil

That’s 42 Extra Million to spend over that time frame, and as we start having to let our mid tier players walk we’ll be getting extra draft picks. I think we can thread the needle and sustain the dynasty.


I expect the cap to go up by 60-90 million on the next 3 years. We are going to see more massive jumps.


Hit your draft picks and you are fine regardless. Literally that’s the key. Tough to do, but it’s been our success as much as anything else.


If your search estimate for 2025 it will go up 20 to 25 million this season went up 30.6 between 20 an 25 million leaves Lions in very good shape. I am not worried about the cap the people looking after it have shown they are looking after it very very well not throwing huge amounts at FA. Sign there own first.


Yea agree. I am really not getting this whole “we only have a 2 year window to win a SB” thing. It’s been posted by several posters in the last week since Goff got extended.

This FO will draft what we need to sustain a playoff team. Once in the playoffs every team has a chance to win the SB, so I see SB possibilities for years to come.

THey are acting like we lost all our draft picks (aka RAMs or Saints trade in the past)


The Villain says, “Chill. I got this.” The two year window sounds like something PFF dreamed up for mortals, not Brad Holmes. Bwa-ha-ha…

The idea of a 2 year window is hilarious to me.


Windows are stupid. People jump out of them. We don’t have no stinking window. Just win baby!

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What happened to the story that sutton choke slammed a woman out of a 3rd story window?

Wait… are you telling me not everything i read on the internet is true?

The Saints kicked their can down the road for almost a decade.

There is NEVER a 2 year window.

Teams can manipulate the cap for a significant amount of time.


Only the parts you want to believe. We live in a choose your own adventure era.

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Cap popped 7% and 13% last 2 years IIRC.

Thats 17.5, then 32 the next if those repeat.

It’s 52m if it’s striaght line average 10%.

In a related, second level downstream story from that…


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