Tyler boyd

Oh to be clear I think the Lions do and Josh will be the one they resign. I just personally think Boyd has more upside is all.

Fret not the my friend. I am not the GM. Brad will get it right

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As an Ohio State guy who loves Mike Thomas, he is definitely not a fit for this locker room.


From a target ranking perspective I think you are spot on

Reynolds wasn’t on the active roster?

Brad will take talent over need. There are 30 wr expected to go in the first 3 rounds. Id be surprised if Brad doesnt grab one in such a strong class.

Strength of this draft is wr, ol, and cb. So i want to focus on those three positions. The only DE likely available to us i would consider is D Robinson. And he isnt the type of de i like, but he is a Lions fit. His length and effort is impressive… (set up)

Brad also has a history of pulling high end safeties for the Rams in the 6th round… so i want those two 6th rounders on S and K.

It is just so difficult to predict who Brad is going to take in the draft, that I give up. I just know it will be unexpected and very good. I also assume more free agents are to come and the obvious needs will continue to dwindle, including wr.

Tyler wouldn’t surprise me, but I don’t know if he is deemed a good fit or not. Would be fine with Chark or Reynolds as well. It is hard to predict with any confidence though. Just eating my popcorn and watching!

Allen Lazard is available apparently for pretty cheap and he could basically be a 1 year guy for just under 4 Mil(he has 3 years but after this year no guaranteed money)

Brad will get us at least 2 starters out of this draft imo. Could easily see him taking a WR with the first pick because of how deep that position is in this draft. Could be a OG as well, which would be great because it lines up with a team need. Not sure about DE or CB but would love to see those positions addressed as well.

The vast majority of Boyd’s production has come from the slot.

I’m not paying him to be an outside receiver

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Exactly. I heard something like the past 5 years he hasn’t taken a single snap outside. That was on a pod and might be an exaggeration, but he’s a slot WR all the way, and we already have a waaaaaaay better one.

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I’d hope we’re not drafting a WR in round 1…unless it was someone you just couldn’t pass on.
I’d guess round 3 or later.
Right now, i think we see an OG/C in round 1. Rags is about done and we need to replace Jonah.