Tyler boyd

Any chance we can get him? He would be a perfect number two. Gives Goff another weapon.

I just don’t see them spending a lot of money on a WR, point being I think Boyd will want more than they are willing to spend.


Think they sign Reynolds or chark and then add one via the draft that could be the outside guy


I know. It was a thought. Need a legit number 2. Jamo is gadget can do it all, but not a number 2 yet.


In my mind, if it’s gonna be close to on $ between Reynolds and Boyd you go Boyd. I would love that

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Any word on what type of numbers Boyd wants?

No. Someone posted some projections earlier that showed him and Reynolds being comparable. I have no idea but if that’s the case no question for me on who id grab.

Chark scares me because he’s hurt so often


I agree on Chark

Chark for cheaper than his first deal, or draft one

I felt that Jamo over the last 6-8 games or so did make a case for being the #2. Just an amazing development in a very short period of time. People forget (because that game still hurts) that Jamo went stupid beast mode in the NFCC game, and he did so when it counted. Highest stakes and he didn’t blink.


I think they will draft one very high rd 1 or rd 2 they will bring in few udfa an maybe draft another late . I think they are ok with Brown an Jamo. They I think find ok tp two high cost after that low cost of picks.
You don’t need a 10 mil WR running with Saint an Jamo Put money in other positions an draft your #3 Plus they have Green an Raymond


Judging by his past payday’s I would assume he is looking in the $10M/year range. They will hope to sell the recent downturn in production on the scheme and surrounding talent and not his age.

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LaPorta’s the number 2. Jamo is 3 and Gibbs is 4.

Saint 1,500
Sam 1,000
Jamo 750
Gibbs 500
Kalif 500

= 4,250

I don’t think any of that it unrealistic, health permitting. We need the depth guys but we’re probably set with the main targets.


They can use the draft at any point to get a WR.
Boyed wants 9+m aav

Reynolds or Chark want 6

If they want to get a FA Wr it will be cheaper.

Or they will simply wait for the draft.

They only kept 5 WR on the active roster all season.

1 St Brown
2 Williams
3 Raymond
4 Green
5 Cheap Fa/ Draft pick.

Thats it

I dont see lions taken a wr unless a top one lands. Still need guard, s, de, wr, k, maybe another cb. We have 3 picks in top 90 now.

It’ll be one of Reynokds/Chark/rookie


I will not be surprised to see Green have a breakout year #2!

we better knock off dropping the F$#$@!^^ FOOTBALL…

So, why wouldn’t we prefer Reynolds, exactly?

we’re going for the ultimate injury boom/bust year and gonna sign mike thomas

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