Tyler Huntley

If the lions are looking for a quarterback to develop what would you think of calling the ravens about Huntley? He plays similar to Lamar Jackson and probably wouldn’t cost us a great deal of draft capital. He’s also only 24 years old. Just a thought on a slow day.

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To me, if he plays like Jackson they’d want to keep him in case Jackson is injured. They won’t want to alter the offense in that situation. Unless they have another backup similar in style. Who knows.


Perhaps I overrate Lamar’s running ability but I truly don’t think anyone is like him. Ever. Vick was even faster but much more linear.

I agree, probably no one like him, just similar in style.

I don’t want a QB who plays like Lamar, unless that QB is Lamar. Even then, I need my QB to be able to pick apart a defense and throw 30-40 darts from the pocket. Name a recent SB winning QB that wasn’t a capable pocket passer. This whole mobile QB shit gets overblown. That’s why you have running backs. Sure, the odd broken play or designed sneak look cute. But what are you doing to win games the other 90% of plays? Oh… but Josh Allen… just stop. Josh Allen can beat you from the pocket.

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He looked real good last season games i saw him play. Some bash im likely have not seen him or even know who he was until you said ravens. That happens here some will admit it others just pull comments out of you know where.

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I would put Randall Cunningham in that mix. And he didn’t have the benefit of modern strength training. Still ran a 4.4 40

Randall was great. As a runner though I truly do believe Lamar is unparalleled at the position.

I think he and Vick are in a class of their own as far as running QBs. Different styles, but similarly dangerous. That Atlanta playoff win over GB was one of the best rushing performances I’ve seen by any player, QB or otherwise.

I think Vick was exceptionally dangerous in space but nowhere near what Jackson is in tight quarters. If you’re scheming run then Jackson is/was superior IMO.

Why the heck would the Ravens trade him?
Under contract cheap and knows the system now.

I wanted to draft Huntley that year.