Type in your first round trade or trades and make your picks

I trade down for five and eighteen. There is only one QB left and Oakland wants to jump both Carolina and San Diego and we parlay that into
012 Jerry Jeudy
018 Javon Kinlaw
019 Andrew Thomas
Just one dream scenario, not mine for purposes here just an example.

For the most part we will understand your trade down scenario and the people you expect to be there.
My most popular (for me at this time)
Trade 003 for 005 and 018
Then, trade 005 for 007 and 038…
My haul is 007, 018 and 038
007) Jeffrey Okudah
018) here I am really hoping for one of eight or nine players, Jeudy, Cee Dee Lamb, Ruggs, Javon Kinlaw, Anthony Thomas, Triston Wirfs, Mekhi Becton or Jedrick Wills. Throw any one of them in or even Kenneth Murray
033) Grant Delpit or McKinney
038) Austin Jackson, JK Dobbins or one of three defensive tackles


I like it, Holmes! Shake’n’Bake!

Dolphins give us 5 and 26 and 173 for 3.
Jags give 9 and 42 for 5.
9- CeeDee Lamb WR/Oklahoma
26- Gross-Matos Edge/Penn St
Lions package 35, 67 and 166 (Throw in a 2021 mid to late pick)to move up to 28 (Ravens)
28- Jonathan Taylor RB/Wisconsin
42- Lloyd Cushenberry G-C/LSU

Thanks. Put one together, Natty.

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Questions right off the bat.

  1. Do you like Taylor better than Dobbins?
  2. Do you like Cee Dee Lamb over Ruggs and Jeudy?

Favorite pick was Cushenberry.

Yes and yes.
Taylor scares me cause of his mileage. But he has that big play ability that seems so elusive to some RB’s. 8 yd gash up the middle turns into 50 like that.
I firmly believe that other then Young, Lamb can help this team right now more then any other prospect. Jeudy is more complete we, and will probably end up a better player. Sort of like AJ Green and Julio. Green was the more complete player, but Jones had that electricity.

I like all three. Jeudy upgrades and replaces Amendola. Ruggs does the same and offers taking the top off any defense. I think CeeDee Lamb is Golladay on steroids. Couldn’t lose with any of them in my opinion.

Taylor scares me because of the mileage…then the class offers depth with Akers, Moss and Dillon so I am not worried

I’d be totally cool with something like this. If we can get the O totally right, we should score like a MF’r. Trick with that is having a mediocre D. Last year, the D was a long way from Mediocre. I truly feel like we have more leadership in the coaching staff w/the new DC, and that ppl underestimate that here.

Maybe I give too much credit, but one thing that is for damn sure…the truth will reveal itself soon enough.

I’d love to see one of the TD scenarios and end up w/ Jeudy, Best OL in the first, Best RB early 2nd/late first, then start working on the D.

I see improvement in the D on health alone. Mathew’s health is worth at least 5 more wins than last year, IMO. Hoping DC, new guys, HEALTH, and rooks can boost us to 10 wins and playoffs. I won’t be surprised at all if it shakes down like that.

I wanna see a RB wearing the blue and silver outrunning everyone on the friggin’ field!

To Miami for 5 , 26 and 2021 2nd

Okudah, Epenesa, Swift/Dobbins/Taylor and target value OL and WR with 3rds.

OR Double Trade W Vegas 5 for 12 and 19 plus a 4th

Kinlaw, Henderson/Diggs/Fulton, Epenesa, Swift/Dobbins/Taylor and same 3rds

I’d probably be happiest with no trade getting Chase Young and a RB, but they really need a CB in this draft

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I want to trade our 1st to Carolina for their 1st/2nd and next years 1st. I’d take the best d player available first (Simmons) and then I would go rb/wr with the next two picks in the second round but they’d have to have big game potential which the Lions are lacking.

I’m trading with LAC
For their 1st, 2nd and 5th and next year’s 1st
Hear me out LAC could be one of the worse teams next year, and could get a top 7 pick with that pick.



Kudos for looking ahead.

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Here is my dream scenario.

Trade 1) Lions trade with MIA 3OA (2200 pts) for 5OA (1700) and 26OA (700pts) Lions get plus 200pts out of trade.

Trade 2) Lions trade 5OA & 109OA (1700 + 76pts = 1776) to Jax for 9OA (1350) and 42OA (480pts) = 1830 pts. Lions get + 54pts. No

Trade 3) Lions trade 9OA (1350) to LVR for 12OA and 81OA (1200 + 185 = 1385pts)

Lions now have 10 picks 7 in the first 3 rounds.

12 -CB - CJ Henderson
26 - WR - Justin Jefferson
35 - DT - Neville Gallimore
42 - RB - Johnathan Taylor
67 - OG - Robert Hunt
81 - S - Jeremy Chinn
85 - OT - Trey Adams
149 - WR - K.J. Hill
168 - Edge - Anfernee Jennings
182 - P - Braden Mann

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Dream Scenario …well thought out …I like the value and points break down …

I totally agreed with the take that the Giants were players for Okudah at #4 prior to FA and thought the same . Not anymore though . Do you really see this still being possible ? With CB D.Baker a #1 pick a year ago and after they signed CB Bradberry to that hefty contract ?
Is #42 the selection are you getting Taylor at ? Was Swift or Dobbins still available & if not is Taylor a prospect you seeing being available at #42 and are you getting Chin at #81 the 3rd round here or is that the Eagles 3rd?

Working the trades, big bounties from small steps. Solid work, Air.

My dream but realistic draft trade. Lions trade 3 to mia for there 5. 39 70. 141 with the 5th pick lions select
5. Okadah cb osu
35. Gallmore dt ok
39 Dobbins rb osu
67 i.wilson T/g. Georgia
70 people jones wr. Mich
85.chin. S s.ill
109 kindley g. Georia

   141 fetu. Dt.  Utah
    149 q cephus wr wis

166wilkes de. Msu
186 j.dinson s Auburn
235 yasir durant t miss

I’m with #5 as the top option. 6 could work but the Chargers have to probably involve a player. Maybe Desmond King, #6 and another pick. Carolina as well. They’d have to give up a young player I’d think.

Jax definitely has the ammo but 9 is a bit further than ideal.

Draft day trades usually involve mostly draft capital or the random we just drafted A at this postion and so we are going to trade B. I can see Washington drafting Tua and trading Haskins. It has never appealed to me taking over someone else’s problem. Worked out for New Orleans. Can’t think of many others.