Tyree Wilson

Good point about Dexter. There is a reason he was so highly regarded in high school but all of those traits just haven’t translated.

I’m not crazy about Bresee at 6. Not really crazy about any options at 6 though Murphy would be my realistic best hope.

As far DT I’m curious as to whether Newton declares. It’s rumored that he’s going to workout like a freak. Though he may fall in between our picks.

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Yeah I didn’t even realize he was eligible until I saw him on Renner’s list. I’d heard his name before watching games, kinda hard to miss him, but haven’t had anything more than a cursory look at him. If he declares I’ll dig in further.

Supposedly he’s trying to negotiate 700k in NIL and then he won’t declare. Brave new world.

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Where would he have to go to not make 700K as a rookie?

I think Tuli Tuipulotu is closer to a Cam Jordan. With and and the way he plays.

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He would definitely make more money declaring. Even James Mitchell received over 900k in cash payout this year.

If we draft Tyree it’s to take over for Romeo & Juliette Okwaras

I have to admit I love the pairing of Murphy and Hutch as DE bookends. Big, large, athletic DEs that can take turns living in the backfield. Both can make plays in the run game too. That feels scary.

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From the film I’ve watched Murphy is a high effort guy as well. So it would be a long day at the office for any offensive line.

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If I’m going to take a 3T at 6, I’d rather have Bresee who’s also a 300lb DT that can penetrate. Plus, he can play the run and has the size to combat the run. I see nothing special about Wilson. He does have great strength for a guy with his height. But nothing else.

And since we agree that Clemson didn’t coach their DLinemen up: I’d rather have Bresee in that regard also. We have Paschal and Kaminsky that are big DEs. Hutch isn’t little for a DE either. And he occasionally slides inside.

Wilson’s not worth it.

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