Tyreek Hill gets a pass

NFL will not suspend him.

This kind of surprised me. Usually the NFL suspends these cases without a proven crime was committed. In meaning, they like to jump the gun, so to speak.

Very surprising.
I guess this is just a matter of innocent until proven guilty.
I still find myself comparing Josh Gordons situation with these domestic cases… sad really. JGs career is hanging by a string, and for what…
Rules are rules I guess.


He’s failed like 7 million drug tests.

Right. Rules are rules.
I get that, but what I’m saying is compared to domestic cases, fining and suspending Gordon seems a little harsh when you have so many players risking the lives of others.
I dunno maybe it’s just me, but weed should be the least of their worries imo.


With domestic incidents you dont typically get a million chances before getting suspended. But with weed you do.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Wasn’t JG suspended after his first failed test?

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So according to an article I just read, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 he failed drug tests. His most recent time off has been self reflective. And good on him.

Regardless of how many offenses hes had, I feel like you’re not understanding what I’m saying. I understand that it’s on him. I understand that he could have prevented any future suspensions after his first.
I’m simply saying his offenses are miniscule compared to these dead beat losers who physically and emotionally affect the lives of others.

Your opinion on smoke is your own. Thats fine. We all have our own.

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I believe he came in under the substance abuse protocol. His first offense earned him his first suspension. His years in college at Utah and Baylor were marred by suspension. He was not draft eligible so he then applied for the supplemental draft.

Yup. Just loves his weed I guess. With the amount of money at stake, you figure he’d prioritize better. Ah well. People in and around my generation like JG give people like myself a bad name.
No priorities and weak work ethics.
It sucks.

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I agree that taking substances is not on par with domestic violence.

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My opinion on smoke is the same as weed smokers. However, if I offered them $1M to stop smoking for 60-90 days, most could it. Even if I extended it out for 1 year, most could do it. The NFL’s testing policy for recreational drugs is meant to identify addicts, and people who have a serious problem.

Is a domestic incident a bigger deal than smoking weed? I’m sure most would agree the domestic incident is bigger. But you made the case that Gordon shouldn’t face punishment at all. You didn’t make the alternative argument that if you get fined and suspended X number of games for weed, you should get a much stronger penalty for a domestic incident.

Gordon has a problem, and minimizing it doesn’t help him. Watching internet porn and beating your dick is pretty normal right now. Totally natural and common, and harms noone…particularly when compared to domestic incidents. But if I offer you $1M to not do it for 60-90 days and you can’t do it…you might have a problem.

I accept your Challenge!

(2 hours later)

I understand what Josh Gordon is going through now.

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I agree with you. He does have a problem.
I guess I just don’t see his problem on the same level as physical and emotional harm.

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The big issue that the NFL is too chickenshit to acknowledge is that half of the league smokes pot so they don’t have to take opioids or huge doses of NSAIDs to cope with the pain from playing. They’d rather have players pop pills and later overcome addiction like Bret Favre, so they can hold them up as heroes. It’s complete bullshit. Let them smoke if it helps them play.

And eff Tyreek Hill.


Well said, you echo my feelings perfectly.

They can smoke weed. They just need to stop somewhere around April each year. Then once they pass their drug test, they can smoke all they want again until the following April. The NFL’s recreational drug testing policy is set up to catch addicts and idiots.

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