Tyreek Hill Under Investigation

Broke his 3-year-old’s arm.

WTH! Money doesn’t fix much, does it?


All that really matters is, did they get it on video?

No. He has not been charged yet. If what I have been reading is correct though, it sounds like he is very much guilty.

He beat up his then GF now fiancé when she was pregnant with this kid. A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

The fiancé is pregnant again with twins. I’m thinking we have 5 years tops before former NFL player Tyreek Hill is telling the judge that he has no money to pay his child support.

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Character matters. I am with Quinn and the Fords on this.


As I read it, he was named in the first incident 2 weeks ago, but charges were declined by the DA 3 days later.

The most recent incident this week, which led to the broken arm, he was not named, the fiance was.

All right in thr middle of a purported 5 yr 95.5m extension negotiation…

I am going to wait for the investigation to conclude. Much easier to form judgements if the facts actually come out.

I doubt the truth ever comes out. Dont think you will see TMZ buying some hidden video. I dont know what he may have or have not done but with his history KC has a tough way of it. Id hate to invest 100 million in a guy i didnt trust.